Unicorn Stick Horse DIY with FREE printable template

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    Make a unicorn stick horse for hours of fun! Just like a hobby horse but better because it is a cool unicorn.
    stick unicorn

    Unicorn Stick Horse Supplies

    • white cardstock
    • Unicorn Template
    • yarn for mane
    • glue
    • yardstick
    • googly eyes
    • glitter
    • scissors
    • printer
    • ribbon for bridle

    Unicorn stick horse DIY

    Download the unicorn template. Cut out two unicorn heads and the horn out of heavyweight white cardboard or cardstock.

    Printable Unicorn Template

    stick unicorn cutting

    With a small amount of glue (especially along the back of the head), glue the two unicorn heads together along the outside edge. Be sure to leave the neck open and place the horn between the cardboard at the top. Allow glue to dry.


    Punch holes along the back of the head.

    punch holes stick unicorn hobby horse

    Tie the long pieces of yarn in each of the holes to make a beautiful unicorn mane. This is a great way to use up leftover yarn. If you don’t have yarn try strips of crepe paper or tulle.

    tie on yarn unicorn mane

    Add a drop of glue to attach a googly eye on each side.

    glue eye on stick unicorn hobby horse stick unicorn horse add eye

    Paint a thin layer of glue on the horn and add some sparkly glitter.

    glitter stick unicorn horse

    How is easy was that to make a glittery unicorn with flowing mane.

    Unicorn stick horse DIY

    Stick a yardstick or wooden dowel in the neck opening and you are ready to ride! We did end up tying on a piece of ribbon to look like a bridle. This gave the girls something to hold onto.

    riding stick unicorns

    I was surprised at how many hours of fun these unicorn stick horses gave the girls!

    stick unicorn toy

    If you have some unicorn lovers at your house make sure you remember to make a Unicorn Valentine Box. This fun craft has the cutest printable unicorn features that could be used for many different crafts! You might even like to add the printed glitter horn to your stick unicorn hobby horse!…… and a few of the flowers.

    Tutorial Valentines Unicorn Box

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    1. Megan
      Tuesday, June 5th, 2018
      We really love this idea, and the fact that it is a unicorn makes this toy exponentially more fun!