Thank you all so much for your patience while I have been getting back into the swing of things! Thank you most of all for all of your encouraging comments! You will never know how much support and comfort your sweet words brought me. We are all now home and doing well. We still have loads of things to do and a long way to go but we have a renewed strength and focus.


It became apparent that many of us are dealing with similar issues. It makes me think that we all could help each other out with tips and information. I am considering posting a regular column with those techniques that have worked for us and resources that have benefited us.  In fact, many of the techniques are great for all children.  I couldn’t do this alone—-would you be willing to share what works for you?


For now our focus is on “the parade.” We have been busy planning, plotting and building!

boysbuildingfloatYou know we have another title to uphold! And we will be forever trying to outdo the “cannons.” Maybe this year we have, but  I can’t divulge more than that until the parade! 😉


Please stop by each day this week while I share ideas to help celebrate the Fourth of July. The following week I have some fun giveaways from readers (I could use a couple more if you are interested  —just email me). Then the rest of the summer I will only post Monday, Wednesday and Friday to be able to focus on my kids while they are on summer break!


Thanks again everyone—truly you are the best!



P.S.  Two more days (giveaway ends June 30) to enter the giveaway for the fabulous $3,800 Home Place Structures Swing-set. Please go enter, someone has to win—it might be you!


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  1. I have chills and am fighting back tears! It is simply amazing to me how many families are struggling with this. So often we feel alone in our desires to help our children. I would relish a forum to learn and grow with those that understand what you are experiencing. 🙂 I was just commenting how the tools I use with my son are so necessary as a classroom teacher and find it works for all children, all levels in my classroom as well.

  2. My sweet little boy was diagnosed on May 28th with moderate to severe autism. He also has Down syndrome, and many of his delays related to DS are (in the dev. ped’s words) “checkmated” by his autistic behaviors. It IS a rough road and we are still reeling from being told to focus on him as being a child with autism, vs a child with Down syndrome. Talk about a shift in the universe…

    Thanks for having such a great blog with so much positive energy! If it weren’t for being creative and seeing the results of work well done, I would probably have a harder time dealing…Surrounding our home with fun and creativity is therapy itself.

  3. I can’t wait to see your float this year! Glad to hear you were encouraged by so many readers out there – I find the easiest and hardest thing to do is share something so personal with strangers – but take note – we are thinking of you. Before I had the little ones I taught children under the Autism Spectrum of Disorders – it was so rewarding and there really has been some great gains in research. Keep you head up and heart strong. Cheers

  4. I just wanted to say I love the t-shirts in the picture! Our household is half K-state, half KU fans and I cracked up to see this!

  5. In case I did not mention it on my original comment, my son is 4 and has been diagnosed with PDD-NOS. Since his problems are not so obvious to the outside world (a lot of sensory stuff), I was thinking of posting on my blog a list of his not so obvious “warning signs” that were there from the beginning in hopes that it would benefit someone and maybe get a child into early intervention sooner. I keep a lot to myself but maybe you have motivated me to open up!!!

  6. Although I think I mentioned in my comment regarding your original post that I am new to the whole idea to my son’s diagnosis but I would love to particicpate in sharing what has worked and not worked with my family. One huge topic that I would love to get help with is discipline since it is our hardest battle at this time. Nothing seems to matter!!!

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