Everyone needs a little positivity, especially when going through difficult times. If you’ve been feeling like life’s been throwing more lemons than lemonade your way lately, this blog post is for you! Make your own DIY happiness jar and use my free printable to decorate it. Here’s how to do it.

Picture of a happiness jar - a mason jar filled with notes, and is decorated with a blue label that says "happiness jar". Idea from Skip to my Lou
Make your very own happiness jar today.

What’s the Happiness Jar?

Similar to a gratitude journal, the idea of a Happiness Jar isn’t new, but it’s definitely timeless. Made popular by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of “Eat, Pray, Love,” the concept is straightforward: you gather up the good things, the happy moments, and the little things that bring a smile to your face, and you store them in a jar. Incorporating these positive experiences in a piece of paper into your daily routine is a great way to make your days better.

Imagine a glass jar sitting in the middle of your table filled with the best moments of your days. Every day, at the end of the day or whenever you feel like it, you write down positive moments, a happy memory, or even just a moment that made you smile on a little slip of paper. It could be as simple as a kind word from a friend or a small achievement at work.

As the days go by, your jar fills up with these snippets of joy, becoming a treasure trove of happy memories. Then, at the end of the year, or whenever you need a pick-me-up, you can open up your Happiness Jar and relive plenty of wonderful memories.

 You can visit your local craft store, but you can use anything to fill your jar of happiness, from ticket stubs, and scraps of paper to sticky notes. The most important thing is to do it every day or at least on a regular basis until it becomes a habit.

Download Happiness Jar Label PDF File

Download Happiness Jar Label

Simple Steps to Create Your Happiness Jar:

  1. Find a Jar: Any glass jar or container will work. You can even use old pickle containers. Wash and dry it well.
  2. Decorate: Download and print my Happiness Jar label on adhesive paper, and place on your jar. Add a personal touch with paint, stickers, or ribbons if you like.
  3. Prepare Paper: Cut up some paper into small pieces or use sticky notes.
  4. Write Happy Moments: Whenever you have a good moment, write it down on a piece of paper.
  5. Drop in the Jar: Put your happy notes into the jar as often as you like.
  6. Add Extras (Optional): Include ticket stubs, photos, or small keepsakes for extra joy.
  7. Make It Routine: Get into the habit of adding to your jar daily or whenever you feel happy.

That’s it! Your own Happiness Jar is ready to bring a little extra joy into your life every day.

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