With below freezing temperatures for the last two weeks we have been drinking a lot of this…

no, I mean a LOT!

The containers are nice and it seemed a bit of a waste to throw them away — so, to make something good out of our bad habit we re-purposed them.

With only spray adhesive and wrapping paper they become great gift containers.

Remove the label. These cans have a label that is only attached with one skinny line of glue dots where the paper overlaps in the back. If you like the simple look of the cardboard canister, a vertical label or decoration would be all you need to cover the glue.

To cover the can, cut a strip of wrapping paper the height of the container (between the metal top and bottom) and long enough to overlap about an inch when wrapped around the container. Spray  adhesive on the back of the paper and wrap around the container. If you don’t have spray adhesive, no worries— a glue stick would also work.

Now, I will make some cute heart labels, fill the containers with  peppermint popcorn or heart shaped sugar cookies and we have a perfect little Valentine’s Day gift!

Actually these would be great for any holiday or occasion!

Notes: I had wanted to use scrapbooking paper but it just wasn’t quite wide enough for these cans. This is a great project to use up those last strips of wrapping paper that aren’t quite wide enough to wrap a gift.

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  1. Those are so cute! Next time before I throw away a can I will check to see if the label comes off.

  2. What a great idea, I have a couple of those great value cans in my pantry right now almost empty, so this will def be something I have to do. Thanks so much!

  3. What a great idea…Hallmark also carries a wrapping paper that already has the adhesive on it. Maybe you could try that.

  4. Love them! will be working on some Vday versions for us, too, soon. I just became a Mary Kay consultant and can see these figuring into Valentine’s Day themed party giveaways.

    One note/tip: wallpaper stores sometimes clear out old/discontinued sample books, and the wallpapers can make LOVELY anythings. I know some I have will work great with this project (I’ve used them for all kinds of papercrafting, including wrapping a Quaker oats can and we love it).

    Stay warm, and thanks for the inspiration — as usual.

  5. I use these containers to store my craft brushes in. Since I share a workspace with my husband, this type of storage is really great–they do not break and they are inexpensive! He does “dirty” type work, so if he has an “accident”, nothing is lost!

  6. Great idea!!! Thank goodness you think out of the box and pass the ideas on to us.
    I will definitely use this. My Granddaughter will LOVE this.

  7. Adorable…..there are so many things you can put in there….I’m gonna hold on to this for my son’s little friends…..great idea

  8. great idea for valentines day candies! 🙂 (and your colors above are perfect for such an occasion!)

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