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CompletedRapunzelyarnwigswithribbonsandflowers.Do you have any Tangled fans in your house? This fun Rapunzel wig is simple to make and makes a great birthday present too! Here are a few tips I’ll share and shortcuts that should let you make your own in one hour or less.

Littlegirlwearingthewig.Materials Needed:

-Yellow Yarn


-Something to wrap the yarn around, like a long cushion, or 2 chairs.

-2 Rubber Bands

-Purple Ribbon

-Silk Flowers

-Hot Glue Gun





1. Begin wrapping the yarn around an object that is about the same length as the hair you’d like. I used an ottoman cushion and just wrapped around and around til the yarn was all completely wrapped. You can use 2 chairs spread apart and wrap around the backs of the chairs, or use your island in your kitchen etc.

2. Once all your yarn is wrapped, cut it twice, on opposite sides of the object you chose to use. In my case, I cut the yarn on each end of the cushion.

3. Lay the yarn in one long pile and secure one side with a rubber band and trim the ends.

*NOT PICTURED: Tie a purple ribbon to the rubber band so you can include this in the braiding process.

*NOT PICTURED: Take a small chunk of the yarn and braid it, making the thin braid that will go around the head. Only braid as long as you need to wrap around your daughter’s head, then leave the rest of the yarn unbraided and include it back with the chunk of unbraided yarn. (see picture 4 to get a better idea of what I am talking about.)

Now, braid the remaining big chunk of yarn and secure it with another rubber band. It helps if you have 2 people doing this, otherwise your yarn will get really “tangled.” (No pun intended) You can do it with one person, it is just a longer process.

Trim the edges.

4. Embellish it with purple bows and silk flowers with rhinestone centers.

CompletedRapunzelwig.And you’re done!

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  1. Okay, I’ve spent 4 hours making this thing and it doesn’t look half as cute as teh picture. The problem is, you have strays. My tips are to judge MUCH longer yarn than you anticipate. I used an entire thing of yarn. Also, when tying all of the yarn ends together, I used two rubberbands, tied it with yarn and ribbon as tight as I could. The first go around, the yarn pieces kept falling out. Thank you for the idea but wow, I’m kinda wishing I’d used Etsy. Lol! My daughter loves it though.

  2. This works really well if you continue the yarn in a loop and stretch the top over nylon’s top so the kids can wear it as a wig!! My daughter loves hers.

  3. I am going to try to do this project with three of my granddaughters in August, I think they will love it.

  4. Eeek! I must make this for my daughter who uses everything as a pretend Rapunzel wig including her little sister. Awesome!

  5. Love it! My Mom wants 1 (or 2) for her dress-up box she has for the grand kids so we’ll be making them soon!

  6. This is great! Definitely doing it with my daughter. How much yarn is needed? I’m sure it depends how long you make it, but just wondering if you used a whole skein or if it was more. Thanks!

  7. My nieces would totally love this. You should try and sell these for costumes!

  8. This has got to be the simplest, most durable Rapunzle wig I have seen yet. I have several tutorials copied but just haven’t gotten around to doing them. Now I know why, I was waiting for this one. My granddaughter is finally going to get a Rapunzel wig. i’m going to go get the yarn tonight.

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