Make your little one feel super special with this birthday hat!  Embellished with the how old they are turning and flowing tule is sure to make this feel just like a princess.  If the birthday girl or boy would rather feel like a king or queen then for sure make a DIY  Birthday Crown .

This princess hat would also make the perfect costume. Just add a new sew tutu for a super cute princess.

birthday hat

How to make a birthday hat

This birthday hat can go together quickly and be embellished any way you like to make it special for your child.  Some hand stitched details would also be lovely!

I don’t have a birthday hat template but it really is an easy shape.  Cut the below shape out of a sheet of felt, making it as big as possible.  Iron interfacing to one side of the felt.

birthday hat template

Embellish the outside by sewing on felt details.


Cut 4 strips of tulle about 4 inches wide in different lengths. The longest was about 36 inches. Fold the felt right sides together and place the tulle in the middle with the end sticking out of the top.  Sew as close to the edge as possible. Be careful to only catch the end of the tulle  in the seam.


princess-birthday-hat-4Sew a piece of elastic string to the inside at each side. Turn right side out and there you go!

DIY Princess Birthday Hat

Birthday Party Hats

Now you know how to make a cone hat. It really does make the best birthday hat. If you don’t want to sew you might like this, paper crownprintable crown template or this tutorial on how to make your own birthday party hats.

princess party hat

Don’t forget the cake.  Make this Happy Birthday Cake Topper. Print out the flags and medallions. Cut out all the pieces and assemble for a darling cake topper.  All these little details are sure to make a birthday memorable.

birthday cake topper

Time to party!

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  1. Really any iron on interfacing would work. It does come in different weights if you want something really sturdy. The felt is floppy before the interfacing. Just eyeball the shape in the picture, it will work. I have noticed you can buy stiffer felt (even glitter felt) at the stores now.

  2. Amy, yes those standard sheets you get at the crafts store. If you need it larger you could buy felt of the bolt at a fabric store.

  3. I’ve just made one of these for my daughter’s princess party in two days time… three to go. It looks great. Thanks so much for a great tutorial. 🙂

  4. I think that this would be a perfect hat for my sister’s 50th birthday party – she would probably feel like a fool wearing it too! Ha ha

  5. Thanks for sharing this fab project. Quick question: was the piece of felt a standard 9×12 sheet, or something larger?

  6. Hey! This hat is adorable! My daughter is celebrating (with a princess party) her 4th on Saturday and I want to make this hat. I’m a bit of a novice at sewing though and have some questions? what kind of interfacing do I need? was your felt very floppy or on the stiff side (mine is very thin and floppy). What exactly is the size/template for the shape you cut out of the felt? Just something to eyeball? I am no good at that, nor at cones…anyway, if you can offer any help, it’s much appreciated, otherwise I’ll just slog my way through! Thanks!!

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