Little hands will have fun with this preschool chick craft. Kids can be as creative as they like as they make a colorful collage to decorate the egg shape into a chick.

Preschoolers also love puffy paint and painting with homemade sidewalk chalk.  We are huge fans of playdough at our house. It is a great tactile activity.

egg shape turned into chicks with paint tissue paper

Paper Chick Craft Supplies

  • cardstock or copy paper -cardstock works best if painting the paper, or use the paper template to trace onto cardboard for a very sturdy surface
  • egg template for chick body
  • items to decorate the egg (crayons, paint, yarn, ribbon, tissue paper……..whatever you have on hand)
  • glue
  • scissors
paper chick supplies

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Here we turn an egg into a cute little chick. This is the perfect project to let preschoolers explore a variety of materials.  These opportunities build creativity and confidence.  Resist the temptation to influence the outcome. Allow children to create.

Preschool Chick Craft

Print out the template on cardstock or paper.  If you want a really sturdy base trace the egg shape onto cardboard.  A recycled cereal box works great.

There are two versions. This simplified template has shapes that are easy to cut. Instead of feet there is a shape that can be used as wings.

Download —> Simple Egg Chick

printable chick template

There are also feet that might need assistance. Having children cut out the shapes will allow plenty of cutting practice.

Download —-> Egg Chick Template

printable egg chick template

Remember, it doesn’t have to look like a chick when done…… the joy here is in the creating.

egg shape with tissue paper

Glue, paint, color, stick……………

child painting paper egg shape

Someone gives this paper chick craft a thumbs up!

child giving thumbs up holding paper egg chick

I have to agree, some pretty great chicks!

paper chicks made by preschooler

We want to encourage kids to feel capable and proud of their creations.  Providing crafts that are open-ended that don’t have a model to follow allow kids to explore, try new things and do things for themselves. These activities will foster creativity and help grow problem solvers. Here are some more ideas Preschool Art Projects.

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