Do you love to paint your own nails at home? These nail polish hacks will make this process easier and faster? For more nail ideas you might like this cute summer nails post or these Fourth of July nails.

Nail Polish Hacks

Group of bright nail polishes isolated on white

Dried out polish?  Acetone can refresh an old polish. Simply add a small amount and shake it up. Good as new.

Keep tipping over your nail polish? The Tweexy is such a cool little gadget to cure this problem.

This manicure hack is awesome if you are a messy painter like me. Use Elmer’s glue for a fast clean up!

Similarly to the hair craze, ombre nails are all about creating a color gradient where there’s a lighter color that gradually blends into a darker one. And much like hair, finding the perfect ombre does take a bit of practice. The good news is that ombre nails are a lot less commitment!

Do you love gel glitter polish? No need to visit the salon, this method you can do at home! It looks really great.


Cracked a nail? Here are some tips for fixing cracked nails.

Are your nails turning yellow? Don’t freak out there are a lot of reasons (mostly to do with your nail polish) and it is easy to treat. Here are some easy tips to get fixing yellow nails and get them looking good in no time.

Striped nails are super tricky to do, here is a great hack tutorial to teach you how. via xo Jahtna

Oops! Made a little mistake? Just as a pristine new coat of nail polish can make your day, a fresh smudge really kicks that feeling to the curb. Hold on to that great feeling — and save time redoing your whole nail — with these clever tricks for solving a small polish goof.

Love bright neon nails? If you want a more vibrant color, do a base coat of white! These tips with white polish really make the colors pop.

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