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Cute Summer Nail Designs

Posted by  ·  May 26, 2019  ·  Last Updated: May 26, 2019

Have cute summer nail designs this summer with these easy nail tutorials!  I am amazed at how many nail art designs there are.

These nail art tutorials will show you so many ways to give your nails color for summer! You will want to check out these nail hacks to make painting your nails easy.

Cute Summer Nail Designs

Wow! you will be mesmerized seeing 20 summer cute nail designs being painted.  Looking for a cheaper option than nail polish? These nails are painted with acrylic paint. Just give a clear top coat of nail polish to protect the nail designs.  Love how many different techniques you can see in only five minutes. Totally doable!

Summer Nail Designs

Stripes and Leaves. Match your striped beach towels by painting three of your nails just like ’em. With two leaf accents, it’s breezy and beautiful. 

summer nail ideas

Looking for more summer nail ideas? For sure flower nails are perfect for spring and summer!  These flowery nail art designs are so darling! You will be pretty in pink!

cute floral nail design

Watch and see how all the designs are made. I love the subtle polka dots.

Daisy Inspired Nail Art Love the gold centers.  A little rhinestone would also make a cool center for the flowers.

cute summer nail design

 Spring florals come together with style. Just start with a white nail. The stripes and flowers are a nice combo.

cute spring floral nail design

Fruit Inspired Nail Designs

Juicy Fruit. Put the lime in the manicure and shake it all up! Watermelons, limes, and pineapples are the stars of this mani.

Learn how to make five fruity designs.   From kiwi to watermelon these nail designs are bright and colorful. I especially like the strawberry painted nail. She really nailed it. (pun intended!)

Cute Summer Nail Designs

Learn more here with this 5 summer nail designs video

Here is a twist on pink nails. I love this pink watermelon nail. Full tutorial here.

You might also like this citrus inspired nail that makes a  cute summer nail design!

cute summer nail design

Beach Inspired nails

Need summer nail ideas for your beach holiday?  Paint up your favorite beach scene with these beach nail designs 

summer nail design

Beach balls are bright and playful. So easy. It is a simple one of the most simple nail design ideas I have seen.

cute summer nail designs

If you are looking for a nail design inspired by the gorgeous summer and the sea you are in the perfect place. Put the waves of the beach on your nails for a different looking manicure. This design looks complex, but it is actually very simple to make with this Beach Waves Inspired Nail Art Tutorial

cute nail design

Holiday Nails

For every season you can show off amazing nails!

Star of the Show. Combine your patriotism and your love for nail art with this ultra-cool ombre stenciled star tutorial.

Celebrate the 4th with these Fourth of July Nails.

fourth of july nails

Bright Summer Nails

Next, we have light summer nails with two glitter accent nails. One of the accent nails is blue and the other is pink. These nails are stylish and fun and will suit any nail shape and length. You can take inspiration from this look and choose bright nails with one glitter accent nail or choose both the pink and blue.

Which nail is the accent nail?

An accent nail is a fun way to customize your nails and something that stands out by adding a contrasting color or glitter on only one nail on each hand. It creates a fun pop of color. The ring finger is usually the find used as an accent nail.

bright summer nails
Rainbow Blur. You’ll need a super-skinny, flat nail art brush to achieve this rainbow blur — moving the brush horizontally across the nail pushes two nail polish hues into each other, blending them seamlessly.
cute nail ideas

Here is a cute nail. This glitter nail tutorial could be done in an array of summery colors.

glitter nail tutorial

Bold and Cute Summer Nail ideaAdd a pop of color to your look this summer with vibrant nails like these. The nails are painted with That’s Shore Bright and Sun of a Peach by China Glaze. You can just paint your nails in these colors or add the stylish silver nail studs too. Either way, the nails will look gorgeous and it doesn’t require a steady hand.

nail designs

Source: @misscelinas

Love glitter?

Pearly Nails with Gold Glitter

If you want elegant nails for the summer, then this idea could be for you. It is a much more neutral shade.  Here we have a manicure that features pearl effect nails with two gold glitter accent nails. You can recreate a pearl effect with nail polishes that can be found online. A design like this would be perfect for a special occasion or even a wedding.

gold glitter nails

Cute Nail Designs

Cutest Cacti. The trendiest plant, reimagined in a perfect summer-ready mani.
easy nail ideas
Pineapple of My Eye. Take your nails on vacation with a bright pink and pineapple design.
Flamingo Pool Party. Make a splash this summer with an eclectic combination of flamingos, cacti, and leaves.
easy summer nails
We All Scream Nails. What says summer more than ice cream? Nothing! When the weather gets warm, opt for a manicure that’s good enough to eat.
nail designs

So many cute summer nails! Kids can even get in on the fun with gold leaf fingernails.

How do you choose the right nail color?

Pink looks good on anyone. Red you will want to experiment which one looks best on you. Nudes are another tricky one they tend to look best on light or medium skin tones. Blue looks good on anyone. These cute nail ideas will work for almost anyone and you can even vary the colors to your favorites if you like.

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  1. Monday, April 1st, 2019
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  2. Friday, June 9th, 2017
    I love the beach wave effect ones the most. I am never happier than when I am sat by the ocean
  3. Holly
    Friday, April 21st, 2017
    Love the watermelon ones! I love getting my nails done in cute designs!
    • Cindy
      Monday, April 24th, 2017
      I agree Holly, those watermelon nails are darling!