Last year I had a download for a large bat candy bar cover. This year I  thought it would be great to have some mini bats.

It might seem overwhelming to cut them all out, but if you have a Silhouette it makes quick work of this little project. I use a Mac so I cut them from a PDF. I think if you have a PC you cut from a JPG, so I have included both versions.

Miniature Bat Candy Bar Covers PDF

Miniature Bat Candy Bar Covers JPG

Miniature Bat Candy Bar Greetings

The Silhouette cut out the bats for me. I taped the ends of the candy bar so they don’t hang out. Print the greetings on orange card stock and cut out. Next add two googly eyes, fold the wings to the center and secure with double sided tape.

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  1. I used scalloped scissors for the toes it made it a lot easier when cutting out manually. We also made a note that said, “You are Bat-tastic!”

  2. ALACK!!! I do not have a silhouette I have the CRICUT.. can I somehow turn my cricut into a silhouette, because it seems to do all the things I wish my cricut would do.

  3. Wonderful! Thank you, wish I had a Silhouette….! But I definitely have to make at least a few of these, even if I do have to cut them by hand. :0)

  4. I absolutely love this! I am soooooo not crafty (but fervently wish that I was) but I am going to try thig tonight. At lunchtime, I left work, went to Hobby Lobby to buy supplies and have recruited my husband to help me make 22 of these for my daughter’s Kindergarten Halloween party at school on Friday! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  5. LOVE this. Such a cute and simple idea! Thanks for the downloads too! You rock!

  6. Oh how fun are those! That would be such a treat to give to a little trick or treater.

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