I am still working on my project and hope to have pictures soon. These little baskets hold a cupcake with a chocolate flower.


To make these little baskets you will need:

  • Colored cardstock
  • 30″ of 5/8″ ribbon
  • 14″ wire
  • 28″ medium ric rack
  • flat folded crepe paper cut into 2″ wide pieces about 50 inches long. Gather crepe paper so you have a gathered piece about 11″ long. I used my sewing machine by straight stitching with a long stitch then gently pulling the thread working from each edge to center. I was also able to backstitch when I started sewing and then my machine gathered the crepe paper when it stitched.
  • glue gun
  • May Day Favor Basket Template


Fold ric rack in half and place wire in between the ric rack and carefully hot glue with a low temp gun.


Overlap side basket piece about a 1/2 inch and hot glue.  Hot glue gathered crepe paper to the top inside of basket.


Using scallop scissors, cut circle for bottom piece. Hot glue to bottom.  Bend handle and hot glue to inside at each side.

Fill with goodies and you have a cute little favor basket.


Happy May Day!


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  1. http://lilybouquet.tateauthor.com/

    This is my Children’s May Day book for ages 1-99!!! You can find it on all book sites and my publishers.
    It’s called- Lily Bouquet and a special May Day.
    I loved your May basket sooooo much!!!!!!!
    Love, Sue Wolfe xoxoxoxooxxo

  2. These are just darling, I love them! Thanks for the llink to the chocolate flowers. What fun!

  3. These are great! Would make a nice baby shower/mother’s day/etc centerpiece, too, maybe with 4″ pots inside, or those lovely cupcakes 🙂

  4. Just beautiful! I love the colors, the ric rack handle, the ruffle, everything!

  5. This is just too cute. I love visiting your blog for your wonderful and creative ideas!

  6. That is so adorable! I’ve got to make some!! I love the cupcakes too! Thanks for sharing how to do those too!

  7. These are the most adorable May Day baskets!! I can’t wait to make one.

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