It is a bit too early to carve our pumpkins so we made them masks.


These masks are simple to make from recycled cereal boxes and a bit of paint.

First, download the template. This post is not meant to be questionable.  I have received so much grief from my family about the template (got to love teen boys) that I only gave you half a template. It doesn’t help. It still looks like a ….

Mask Template Download

Make your template and cut out your mask from a cereal box. To make the witch we cut off the ears.


Lightly score the nose.


Fold the nose under and hook into bottom of mask.


For the witch we added a hat by cutting a large triangle shape with long rectangle shape at bottom. Lightly score the rectangle so it will fold.


Fold rectangle together and staple to make brim.


Staple hat to top of mask.




And paint.


Staple a piece of elastic to each side of the mask. Make sure it fits snugly around the pumpkin.


We finished and then someone wanted to be a witch. So I cut out the eyes and now I have a witch! Check out those eyelashes!


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  1. Thanks for the laugh. The masks do look cute, but I don’t think I could make them in front of my kids with a straight face and then I’d have to explain what was so funny….

  2. What a great craft, and perfect way to resource some recycling. Loved the template chuckle as well.

  3. OMGosh, how adorable.

    We just put googly eyes on our pumpkin til it’s time to carve it but I like this idea too!

  4. I couldn’t stop laughing – so it’s not just teenage boys thank you so much for that I really needed a good giggle today…oh and great masks will be making kitty cats tomorrow!

  5. I really want to make these for my kids but I don’t know if my husband will let me! hahaha!

  6. One way to make Halloween pumpkins last longer, and a good idea at that. Maybe mine won’t even get carved. And you also have a great witch that can make up all kinds of stories about witches. Good imagination.

  7. Neat idea! I couldn’t imagine what you meant about the template until I looked at it, and I cracked up!!!! They sure look alot different when you paint the mask. Thanks for making me laugh.

  8. Oh My, What ‘dirty’ minds we have!! I had to do a double-take on the templates.. then I read your post… It had me laughing!!!

  9. What a clever idea. I have a carve able pumpkin I could use this on. Then it would last yr. to yr.

  10. OH, that template is cracking me up, Cindy! We need to get some pumpkins first! I baked the two I already had.

  11. LOL … this is too cute … I know who is going to give me alot of grief when I make this (my DH that is, my little boy is too young to understand 🙂 Thank you for sharing your ideas .. I really love your site and just yesterday signed up for your newsletter.

  12. What a great idea! I brought pumpkins last weekend and thought maybe I got ahead of myself…but I’m making these tonight! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Okay…I was looking for the rest of the “it looks like a…” and then I looked at the template; gotta love those teenage boys! Thanks for the funny of the day!

  14. Ha Ha! They’re pretty cute when finished! Great painting, girls! This is a good way to decorate pumpkins when it is too early to carve — I love this idea!

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