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Did you know it is National Canned Food Month? Cans Get You Cooking has teamed up with to celebrate. In honor of the occasion they have some amazing recipes featuring canned foods to share! You can find them all at the AllRecipes Cans Get You Cooking hub page.

Sixty percent of moms think that coming up with a dinner idea is more difficult than getting their children to go to bed on time. Is that you? Having a well stocked cantry can be the answer to the question, “What’s for dinner?”

Malaysian Tangy Rice Noodle Salad

A well-stocked pantry – your “Cantry” – helps you get through the week with delicious and nutritional meals! Canning seals in foods’ natural goodness and nutrition so it’s there for you anytime.   Did you know fresh fruits and vegetables are harvested at their peak of ripeness and canned within hours? Many canned fruits and vegetables are on par nutritionally with fresh and frozen varieties, and in some cases even better.  In fact, studies have shown people who frequently eat canned foods may have healthier diets than people who don’t. Adults and children who ate 6 or more canned food items over two weeks were more likely to meet or exceed their recommended daily allowance for 17 essential nutrients than those who ate 1-2 canned food items over the same two-week period.

Your next nutritious meal is only one can away!  So before the panic sets in you reach for the takeout menus, remember that the solution for a wholesome, homemade meal is right in your  Cantry. With canned food staples like canned beans, chicken, broth and tomatoes on-hand, you can easily get dinner on the table!

If you are ready to see how easy and convenient it is to whip up a tasty cantry meal check out these delicious cantry recipes. I made the Malaysian Tangy Noodle Salad.  Rice noodles (I used a thicker noodle than called for) with zesty lime dressing and loads of veggies and herbs make a satisfying meal. Canned chicken packs in some extra protein. This is a complete meal in a bowl.  This is the first time I have used canned carrots in a recipe. I am a true believer. No peeling or cooking! Just throw them in! I will always use them now in my pasta salads too! Brilliant!

Malaysian Tangy Noodle Salad

Malaysian Tangy Noodle Salad canned items

Malaysian Tangy Noodle Salad

Need another salad recipe? This Cauliflower salad is delicious!

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