Paper hats are a great way to make last minute party hats for New Year’s Eve or any other party.  You can easily learn how to make a newspaper hat in just a few simple steps. We made two different styles of newspaper hats and had fun learning paper hat folding.

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how to make a paper hat

Grab your local newspaper and get ready. These step by step paper hat instructions will help you make a child sized paper hat. Paper hats can be made for a party, last minute costume or just for fun for play at home.  You will be set to play sailor, pirate and even the Pope!  It is a super easy boredom buster!  We used our hats for New Year’s Eve. It was a great activity to keep all the kids busy while waiting and then they all had something festive to wear!

How to make a paper hat

Use a whole sheet of newspaper. (Hopefully you can get your hands on a full size newspaper)

Fold paper in half lengthwise.

Fold each of the top corners to the center, and gently rub the folded edge.

Fold top layer at bottom up

Fold it up again

Turn newspaper over and fold up bottom

Fold it up again (like other side)


Bishop’s Hat Folded from Newspaper

Use one whole sheet of newspaper

Bring top corners to center

Fold  top layer at the bottom up one time

Turn newspaper over and bring corner of hat to the center

Bring other corner to the center

Fold piece at bottom up


Now you know how to fold a paper hat and are ready to party! I hope these instructions will be easy enought for you to teach a child or two how to make a hat out of paper. Who knows, they may even have a few of their own variations to the designs!


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  1. My Aunt at the age of 80 is semi-retiring from her career in journalism. We are having a birthday party/retirement party entitled “black and white and red all over”. I am making your hats for the children to wear at the party. Everyone is requested to wear black and white with just a little bit of red. Thanks for your help! I think I will get gift wrap and make some large red ones for daring adults. Guess what our tablecloth will be made of? Yes newspaper (from the paper she wrote for including her bylines). with red/black/white rib down the center of the table – with clear plastic over the entire table! Fun, fun!! Thank you and Pinterest for your help:)

  2. Tota likkaa on selvästi läpsitty ja poitsu näyttää apinalta – onnittelut vanhemmille!

  3. This is inspiring! I’m also imagining using sheets of wallpaper or gift wrap. in the blank or reverse areas lfet by the folding, a person could glue trim like buttons, ribbon little sports figures or toy car parts (boys) or a child’s initials — animals, pets, photos, anything goes.

  4. Wow, great idea! I haven’t thought of newspaper hats for years. I’m going to try to make one for my 3 year old son in the morning…he’ll love it!

  5. My newspapers are smaller too – what size of paper are you using? I stand with glue in hand awaiting your answer, cuz these are too cute. ~ Suzanne in northern BC Canada

  6. Tried this out and would you believe our newspaper is a lot smaller than yours. I think they shrunk the paper not too long ago. It made a tiny hat. Linda Gerig

  7. Great idea! I’m going to make these for our little boy for “fun” – missed the New Year’s Eve post!! I just discovered your blog (I know – where have I been???)!! I love it – your ideas are fabulous – hope you have a wonderful 2009!

  8. Love these hats, haven’t made them in a long time! Thanks so much. I am not going to use them for New Year, but definitely for dress up in the fall! Thanks and Happy New Year!


  9. I love these I am going to make these with my kids in the morning when they wake up – fun, fun, fun! Thanks for the great idea.

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