Who knew making a trendy bottle cap necklace could be so easy!  My daughter had a blast with this simple craft. They also make the perfect handmade gift to give her friends.

bottle camp necklace

We found all our supplies at the craft store. A one inch hole punch makes this project super easy. You can punch scrapbook paper and it fits perfectly inside the bottle cap. We also used stickers to embellish on top of the pretty paper. It took a little looking but we finally found bottle caps that already had a hole and jump ring, perfect for making a necklace. To protect our paper and stickers and give our necklace that professional look we used Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.

First cut a 1″ circle.

Glue the paper to the inside of the bottle cap.

Make sure there are no bubbles. Allow to dry.

Add a sticker, gem or object.

Slowly and carefully fill the inside of the bottle cap with the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. Be sure to read the directions!

Tiny bubbles can be worked to the edge with a needle. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

Put the bottle cap on a chain, velvet cord or ribbon and you have a cool necklace. Bella was so excited to make these for her friends!

how to make a bottle cap necklace



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  1. I have been making these I had two that turned out wonderful but now when thay dry they have these huge air bubbles in them an I have to throw them away and suggestions would be wonderful from anyone please email me at dazzlingdani@gmail.com thank you in advace

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  3. My daughter has been asking me for a new fun arts and craft activity and this one is perfect!! Safe, simple and fun. She will love it. Thank you for this post!

  4. Thank you for posting. I have been collecting soda caps to make these but did not yet figure out the lacquer to seal the top. Now, I can more easily buy what we need to work on this project.

    Because I am using regular soda caps, do you know if the craft store sells the jump rings? Do you know how I can punch the hole without creating too many sharp edges…maybe I have to use a metal file after I punch?

    Thanks again,

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