School has started and life seems to move faster and faster and the papers seem to be getting bigger and bigger.  I need some major help when it comes to getting organized! Here are five way to get organized with a clip board!


Make sure those newsletter and important school papers don’t get lost with this clipboard organizer.

Back to school dry erase clip board. This idea is fabulous!!

What a unique and cute way to display your kids artwork!


 Weekly schedule – cute, easy, and portable! Love a good check list.

This family command center has it all, the clip boards at the bottom make it easy to organize (by child), and access each child’s important papers.

Do you have any great organizing tips? I would love to hear them!

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  1. I use a clipboard at the grocery store. I bring a manila file folder and all around the edge I paperclip my coupons by aisle. My list (by aisle — I just print it out and circle what runs out) is in the middle. I clip the whole thing onto a clipboard so it stays open/flat and put the whole kit ‘n’ kaboodle into the baby seat in the cart. It’s lighter than a whole binder and with the clips I can set aside — neatly — the coup’s that I can’t use because they’re out of the product (grr) or whatever, and I can use a different paper clip for the stack I’ll hand to the cashier. This way I’m not sorting through a stack in the store.

  2. i never thought of adding a pocket to the bottom of a clipboard. That would be great for a shopping list and coupons too.

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