Here is a fun and spooky craft! You can find another simple ghosty craft at AlphaMom today!


With just a few simple items you can get your home decorated for Halloween. You will need white muslin (this ghost took 1 yard cut in half lengthwise, so 1 yard will make two ghosts), an electric cord with a light bulb socket on one end (You can purchase these where paper lanterns are sold.  Many lanterns use a chandelier bulb in the light socket — look for one of those so you can use a very low wattage light bulb), some recycled goods to build an armature, black paint or black paper, and liquid starch.


First build and armature for the ghost. This can be anything you want–glass jars, aluminum foil, etc. We used a 2 liter bottle with the top cut off and a piece of coat hanger sent through the middle to make the arms. Hot glue will hold the coat hanger in place if needed. If using a 2 liter bottle it is best to remove the label. We noticed some of the red from the label bled onto our ghost.


Dip the white muslin fabric into liquid fabric starch.


Drape the fabric over the armature.


The fabric must be really wet. It is best to use a trash bag or piece of plastic to allow the ghost to dry on. The starched fabric sticks to newspaper and is difficult to remove.


Allow ghost to dry. It might take a couple of days depending on the humidity. Once ghost is dry remove the plastic bottle.  Paint or glue on bits of black paper for the eyes. The facial features need to be opaque. Cut a slit in the top of the ghost just large enough for the electric plug to fit through. Pull the cord through until the ghost is hanging on the light socket and insert a very low wattage light bulb.

Plug in the ghost and your home now has a spooky festive feel! Remember to never leave your ghost unattended, make sure you are at home while your ghost is illuminated!

It is  important that the fabric does not touch the light bulb. You can tape or hot glue the fabric to the socket adjusting to keep the fabric away from the bulb, if needed. A simple wire cage could also be made and slipped over the bulb.


If you can’t find a lantern cord or don’t have a place to hang your spooky ghost — no worries! These ghosts make great table decorations — simply set ghost over a battery operated tea light.

Don’t forget to visit AlphaMom today where you can learn how to make a simple ghost garland!

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  1. I remember doing these with my mom as a kid, they lasted for ever, and everyone loved them!! Including us!! and my brothers and I had a time making them!!

  2. You could feed in a strand of white holiday lights instead of a light bulb – safer, although still should not be left unsupervised. Might make this for a halloween party at my DH’s office 😉

  3. I am so going to try these this weekend. Not looking forward to the mess, but the kids will love. Thanks

  4. This is so cute, and simple to make. I think I will make them to hang around my front door to scare away the goblins that might just be coming around.

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