Pocket Tissue Cozy Tutorial

Here is a quick and simple gift to make, a pocket Kleenex holder.

All you need is two pieces of fabric 6 1/2″ X 7″ each.

With right sides together stitch 1/4 inch from the edge all around the outside of the fabric. Leave about 1-2″ opening on the LONG side for turning.

Turn and press. Make sure to press the opening to the inside.

Bring short edges to the middle. Place the fabric you want on the outside in the inside.

You can choose whether to meet the edges exactly in the middle (left picture) or overlap the edges by about 1/4 of an inch (right picture)

Stitch 1/4 inch from the edge along each end.

Turn right side out and fill with your pocket tissues. I put a slit down the center of the plastic packaging on my tissues so they were easy to remove.

You could easily make a ton of these assembly style. They would make great little party favors, teacher gifts, thank you gifts or just to give someone a little something!

If you would like a cute way to package your handmade gift you can download the Pillow Box Template. Print on colored or printed cardstock, cut on solid lines, lightly score on all dotted lines, bring flap to opposite side and glue flap to inside and then fold in the ends. Add a pretty bow and you’re done!

Printable Pillow Box

heart-bag-and-tissue-holder.jpg heart-tissue-holder.jpg

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  1. Great! I’m just beginning (learning) to sew AND i’ve got a cold … so this was an ideal thing to make. Fits great! Nice little gift-idea also

  2. My quilting guild is having a retreat and there will be a packet of kleenex in everyone’s goodie bag. Can I give everyone a copy of your pattern too so they can make a cover?

  3. I can’t access the PDF and I really want to make some of these for my nieces as part of their gift for Christmas… I like to have a paper copy to refer to! Would it be possible to email it to me… if you have any spare time? Thanks!!

  4. I made this and it is very cute, however, it does not fit the tissue packets that I bought. It is too small across the top. I will have to modify the sizing. It’s disappointing because I already cut several of these.

  5. I really love this tutorial, it is really easy to understand and it is really cute. I can see me making quite a few up. Thanks

  6. I LOVE the fabric! Makes me want to start sewing. Winter and long days inside are on their way. Thanks for the tutorial!

  7. i absolutely adore these so much! now excuse me as i put on my shoes to run to the nearest craft store~ have a sweet weekend y’al! <3

  8. Perfect timing! I was just thinking this would be an amazing present to give for Christmas, I was tired of buying the expensive prepackaged ones. Besides, the plastic bags seem to always rip in my purse. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  9. Stopping from Mom Loop! Come join the Friday Follow! I love the fabric you chose. It is sooo cute.

  10. Thank you so much for this tutorial, I am a beginning to learn how to sew and this was so easy to make. I made some for my MIL for halloween, fall and christmas prints. I absolutely love your blog, thanks for showing an assortment of different projects.

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