We made this wooden Advent calendar for our kids. This time my crafty partner was my husband, whom cut all the pieces for me. You probably could make it out of heavy cardboard if you don’t have a way to cut the wood.

I would have chosen something nicer and smoother for painting if I was purchasing something new for this project. We used a piece of 3/8 inch plywood left over from another project.

Download template and trace onto your wood (you only need one star)

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Template

Star Template

Cut out your trees. You will cut a slot to the midpoint on each tree—-one at the top and one at the bottom. The slot needs to be the same width as the width of your wood.

This is so the tree fits together like this

Sand, prime and paint your tree and star. I left mine plain green but you might decide to give yours  ornaments. Drill a small hole in the top of the star. Notice the notch out of the top of our star—–it doesn’t work so well to try to put your hole there. Instead, drilling a hole in the side gave us a nice way to thread fishing line through for hanging.

Use a thin screw with threads on each end to attach the star to the tree.

We sat down as a family and made a LONG list of things we would enjoy doing in December. I then printed the list and cut them into strips of paper and placed each idea into an empty match box. Here is a tip; make sure you get “strike anywhere matches” so you won’t miss your boxes. We wrapped all the boxes. My P-Touch labeler worked perfectly to put the numbers on each box.  Then using about 3 yards of curling ribbon for every 5 boxes we tied on the boxes. Don’t forget to start with the first box to be opened and then add on.

Then again using the skill of my handy (adult) craft partner, he stapled the ribbons to the bottom of the tree.

Ta Da you have a handmade Advent calendar full of ways to spend time with your family!

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