Have you seen this?  What a great way to peel a potato!

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  1. I LOVE this idea !!! Sure could have used this idea over the holidays!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I always peel my sweet potatoes like this, but I never thought to do a regular potato like this! Cool.

  3. If only 15 year old me could have seen this video (did we have the internet then?), I wouldn’t have removed so much skin from my fingers and hand. I don’t know if I lacked focus or if they were sharper then, but looking at a potato peeler now is still a traumatic experience. Thanks!

  4. Cool trick and I knew, even as a child, that her and the professor had a thing. Heh.

  5. That is the way I peel tomatoes for canning, but I didn’t think about trying it with potatoes. ( BTW, when peeling tomatoes you only dip them in the boiling water a minute or two. ) Here’s another peeling tip I learned from my brother-in-law; peel a boiled egg with a teaspoon. Just break the shell by tapping egg on hard surface, lightly roll the egg on a cabinet top to crush the shell, insert the spoon between the shell and egg at one end and run it around. Voila! The shell slides off and leaves the egg in tact!

  6. Wow! Maryann looks GREAT! I loved Gilligan’s Island! Oh, and that’s a great tip for “peeling” potatoes!!

  7. But now you have a dirty pot and bowl when you could’ve just had a dirty peeler. It’s a cute trick, but I’ll stick with my peeler.

  8. i have seen this…tried this and it works. who would of thought trying something new in place of the peeler ? also try cutting up hard squashes then roast in oven until just tender then quickly boil. pumpkin is amazing this way for freezing.

  9. She says it’s for other potatoes, too, not just Idaho potatoes. But who woulda thunk it? Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island? Cool. 🙂

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