Looking for some great gifts for nurses, or gifts for nursing students soon to graduate? Show your appreciation for the caregivers who make such a difference in our lives – Nurse Appreciation Week starts May 6!

A handwritten note is always a great way to show appreciation and makes a great nurse’s week card! You can print this thank you card for free.

thanks a latte gift card in paper take out cup

DIY Gift Card Holders For Nurses

Do you have a special nurse in your life? I’m not the betting type… but I’m pretty confident they would appreciate a nice big coffee mug with a gift card for their favorite coffee shop. Or how about a trip to Target or some Amazon shopping time? Gift cards make wonderful nurses week gifts because they’re thoughtful and so simple with a homemade card holder! And with college and nursing school graduation coming up, these also make cute personalized touches for nurse graduation gifts.

To get started, just download our template. Then print the pdfs in color on heavy cardstock, and cut out on the solid lines.

printable nurse gift card holders cut out

Next, with a dull knife lightly score along the dotted lines. This helps the cardstock fold neatly.

scoring gift card holder with dull knife

Now glue flaps with a tape runner.

folding and gluing printable gift card holder

That’s it – slide in a card for their favorite store, coffee shop, salon, or spa and you have the perfect gift for a nurse or nurse grad! Handmade has never been easier.

nurse gift card holders

Cute Sayings for Nurses Gift Ideas

…. are sure to make cute nurse gifts!

  • Thanks for helping me grow this year! (flowers or plants for their yard, a gift card to garden center)
  • You are one smart cookie! #bestnurse (homemade cookies or gift card to the local bakery)
  • Your nursing is picture perfect! Thank You! (movie tickets, picture frame, or photo book)
  • Thanks for making nursing scoops of fun! (gift card to local ice cream shop)
  • You are a  SENTsational nurse! Thank you! (candle, a gift card to Bath & Body or a candle shop)
  • Thanks for feeding our bodies this year! (certificate or card to a local restaurant)
  • Hands down you are the best nurse! (lotion, a gift card for a manicure)
  • Thanks for nursing my thirst for health! (Sonic gift card, plastic tumbler  filled with goodies)
  • Thank you for being an Amazing Nurse! (make the “Amaz” look like Amazon logo) (Amazon gift card)
  • Mani thanks for being an awesome Nurse! (items for a manicure, manicure certificate)
  • Your nursing is right on target (Target gift card)
  • Donut what we would do without you. Thank you! (card to local donut shop)
  • Thanks a latte for being a great nurse! (gift card to a local coffee shop)
  • It has been a treat having you for a nurse. (certificate or card to favorite eatery)
  • Thanks for keeping on your toes! Good Job (pedicure card)
printable nurse gift card holders with gift cards

DIY Nurse Gift Ideas

How about flowers or candy? These little gift cardholders can easily be made into unique DIY tags. Simply cut along the dotted line and attach to a bouquet, gift bag, or basket and make your nurses happy! Do you have more ideas for nurses week gifts?

red flowers with thank you for helping me grow tag
When is Nurses Appreciation Week?

American Nurses Appreciation Week runs from May 6 through May 12 every year, to mark the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. May 6 is known as National Nurses Day in the US, and May 12 is Nightingale’s birthday. But there’s never a bad time to say thank you to our health care angels!

printable gift card holders with gift cards nurse theme
Nurse Appreciation Gifts

Download all 15 nurse gift card holders for $4.95.

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Best Gifts for Nurses

Good gifts for nurses don’t have to be hard to find or make. Many of these gift cards could be attached to one of these useful nurse items that would be appreciated after a long day at work. A few of the ideas will make their shift a bit better. (affiliate links)

Top picks for National Nurse Week gift:

More Appreciation Gifts

May is a busy month for saying thank you. Do you love giving easy gifts that are sure to be appreciated? Teachers love gift cards too!

printed gift card holders with gift cards along side

Download all 15 teacher gift card holders for one low price.

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  1. Thank your for your great ideas! My daughter graduates from nursing school in December! I’ll be referring back to this post in a few months!

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