This DIY Birthday crown is sure to make your birthday boy or girl feel like a King or Queen!  This crown is very simple and can be embellished any way you like! It will for sure be a hit at birthday parties.  It would even make a fun handmade birthday gift.

DIY birthday crown
DIY Birthday Crown

If you have a little girl that wants something a bit more girly, try this birthday hat fit for a princess.

How to Make DIY Birthday Crown

Download and print out the crown template. Cut out.

{Birthday Crown Template}

Iron interfacing to the back of the piece of felt you want for the outside color. I only had a lightweight interfacing—-it works, but I  might try a medium weight next time.


Trace the crown onto the outside piece of felt with a disappearing fabric marker. This is the stitching line —do not cut out. Draw an outline of the birthday year in the center of the crown.

You may use these printable numbers as a guide. If you would prefer a monogram use these letter templates.


Place the two pieces of felt together and stitch all the way around the crown outline——-making sure to slip in a piece of 1″ wide elastic at the back on each edge of the crown.    My piece of elastic ended up being 10″ long and I placed 1″ in the seam on each side.  Measure a child’s head to get the measurement you need.

You could easily make a casing for the elastic if you want it to have a more finished look.

Stitch around the number.


Cut out the crown close to the stitching line, being careful not to clip the elastic.


The number on the front is reverse applique.  Make a small slit in the top layer (be careful to only cut through the top layer) and then trim close to the stitching all the way around the inside of the number.


Ta Da! How easy was that.  Not much effort to make a little someone feel very special!

birthday crown

More Birthday and Crown Ideas

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  1. Any ideas on number templates? I need a number 1 but would love the whole set so I can continue this every year!

  2. I love your website. On my son’ first birthday, I made the birthday crown. I loved it so much that I decided to make a crown for each of his birthdays. When he turns 18, I want to take the collage of photos of him in his birthday hat and frame them in sequential order. I have someone sewing his hats. However, I need number templates from 11-20. Do you have any templates you could email me? I tried looking online but had no success. I used 1-10 from his flash cards and then blew them up on my copier. Warmly, Halley

  3. Thank you so much. My son has to dress up as King David for his preschool and this will work perfectly.

  4. Thanks so much for your great idea and share the wonderful pattern with us. For my son’s 5-year-old birthday, these two days I am preparing the wool felt, but I wonder the material quality of the “interfacing” you mentioned. Where can I buy it? Thanks for your big help. Have a lovely day!

  5. Thank you for the great pattern and directions!! I just finished making one for my youngest’s birthday and have another in the works for the older one. Thank you!

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