There is just something fun (and yummy) about chocolate bunnies for Easter! These chocolate Easter bunnies make perfect cupcake toppers and will be a show stopping dessert!

Easter Crafts and food are so much fun. Don’t miss my easy party favors, free bunny cupcake wrappers and Easter dinner conversation starters. If you are needing  fun Easter crafts you will want to give these homemade egg shaped chalk and chalkboard Easter eggs a go!

I used chocolate candy coating, a bunny sucker candy mold, 4 1/2 inch sucker sticks. For the eggs I used colored candy coating and an egg candy mold.

How to melt candy coating

Candy coating must be melted slowly. If it is heated too fast and and too hot it will actually get thicker. Melting is slowly will also help it come out of the mold and be glossy. I melt in at 15 second intervals, stirring after each 15 second. When it is almost melted continuing stirring and the few bits will go ahead and melt.

How to make chocolate bunnies

Place sucker sticks in the candy mold. Using a spoon fill molds with the candy coating. Candy coating can also be placed in a pastry bag if that is easier.

Tap mold to release any air bubbles. Place mold into freezer for 5 – 10 minutes. Bunnies should easily come out of the mold, if not put mold back in freezer for a few minutes. Don’t leave candy coating in the freezer for longer than 30 minutes (it will tend to sweat later).

The same process was used for making the colored eggs. Remove bunnies and eggs from the mold and decorate your favorite cupcakes. I love these new straight sided large damask  baking cups.

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  1. The idea is very good, it cant be more useful for future experiments. And although you are real professional service you can only get better. Keep up with the excellent work and ideas.

  2. Very good tutorial. You always share such interesting and helpful ideas. Thank you so much.

  3. Hey this is so easy even a husband can do it!!! I loved helping out with the eggs because they were colorful and with all the different colors I had more spoons to lick after the project was finished!!!

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