Having fun in the sun with chalk paint.


So simple to make, just cornstarch, food coloring and water.


Equal parts of cornstarch and water make the paint.

We placed 2 Tablespoons cornstarch into each cup of  an old muffin tin.


Next place 2 Tablespoons water into each one of the four muffin  cups.


We added 4 drops of food coloring for each color into the individual cups. (The back two have been mixed, the front two have not been mixed)


Paint away!


We used foam brushes for painting. They soaked up quite a bit of cornstarch and after about 30 minutes we rinsed them out and then continued painting.


Make Oobleck for another fun cornstarch activity.

Want to make sidewalk chalk? Try this egg shaped chalk.  If you don’t want it egg shaped, pour the mixture into empty toilet paper rolls. Once the mixture is dry peel the paper roll away from the chalk.

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  1. ♦ This sounds like tons of fun. I bet my kids are going to love it and me too, the paint without the mess… ☺ Thanks!

  2. Must try the chalk in the eggs. We did it in TP rolls, but WHAT A MESS! Then they wanted to stick to the paper & it took forever to get it off. The kids still loved them though!

  3. I did this today with my kids and they LOVED it! THanks so much for a quick, fun, cheap thing to do with my kiddos.

  4. Love this idea and tried it today with the kids. However, the blue food coloring did leave a stain on the concrete. All the other colors can right off. We might do this again but just skip the blue…. love your website!

  5. I wish my baby were old enough to do this, because I totally want to try it! So cute! Will try to remember for the future. 🙂


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