Candy Lightsaber Valentines make for a cool and EASY Valentine.  Perfect for a little imaginative play and then when finished unwrap a sweet treat. I think you will really like this lightsaber printable candy wrapper.  If you know a Star Wars lover this is the Valentine for them. They would also be great to pass out at classroom parties. With the release of the latest Star Wars movie, Star Wars Valentines will be super popular. If you are looking for a candy-free Valentine try these Star Wars Valentines with lightsabers. They use a glow bracelet for the lightsaber. You might like these Star Wars Valentines if you are looking for something more traditional.

lightsaber valentines

Candy Lightsaber Valentines Supplies

Download and print the candy lightsaber wrappers in color on regular white copy paper.

Candy Lightsaber Valentine Printable

candy lightsaber valentine printable

How to make a candy lightsaber

Cut out the wrappers.  Place glue on the back of the wrapper along each long edge.  Placing glue right on each edge works best.

how to make lightsaber valentine

Place the Sweetart candy on the wrapper.  Start by securing the plain white edge onto the candy and start rolling. Firmly press down the edge of the paper and you now have a candy lightsaber Valentine!

star wars lightsaber valentine printable

More Valentines

Star Wars Valentines

Star Wars Valentines

Star Wars Valentines with Lightsabers

Star Wars Valentines with Lightsabers


Star Wars fans are sure to love these Star Wars Party ideas.

If you are not a Star Wars fan not to worry. We have loads of amazing free Valentine ideas! Just print. You will find plenty of ideas if you don’t want a candy lightsaber!

Kids Valentine Cards

Have fun celebrating and making memories with these cute Valentines Day Ideas. There are many ways to make special moments with your families. I especially love having children wake up to a heart attack! It makes them feel so good!


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  1. Hi,
    Do you have a version without the happy valentine day? They are perfect for our scout event! Thanks!

  2. Do you have this printable without the valentine saying? I would love to use it for Fish Extenders for our Disney Cruise! 🙂

  3. Do you by any chance have a version of these without the Valentine’s Day text? My son wants to use them as party favors!

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