Bunny Sucker Holders

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    These bunny sucker holders are so cute for Easter!   They come together in just a few easy steps. I like to send these to my local copy shop for printing but you can also print these at home.   If you are looking for more fun lolly pop holders try my chick sucker holders, they look very cute as a pair.  If you are going for a bunny theme I have a tutorial to make a very cute bunny cupcake as well!

    bunny sucker holder Easter Craft

    Supplies for Bunny Sucker Holders

    Bunny Sucker Holders Printable
    Glue Dots
    two sizes white pom poms

    bunny sucker holder supplies

     How to make bunny sucker holders

    Download Bunny Sucker Holders and print in color on white regular copy paper. Use a hole punch or sharp end of scissors to make holes where marked.  Tie a bow around the base of the sucker.

    Bunny Sucker Holders Printable

    bunny sucker holder cut out

    Feed the sucker stick through the holes.  Place a glue dot on the top of the sucker as fasten to the bunny feet.

    bunny sucker holder add sucker

    Use glue dots to fasten small white pom poms on front and  a large pom pom on the back.

    bunny sucker holder add pom poms

    In no time at all you can have a fluffle of bunnies!

    Bunny Suckers

    Don’t miss the Chick Sucker Holders.

    Bunny Chick sucker holders

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    1. Wednesday, March 18th, 2015
      Just shown these bunny sucker holders to my little daughter and she screamed: "Maaa, they are sooo cute. I want it.." :) Well, I love them too