Have you tried using health and fitness apps on your smartphone or computer? These are great tools to monitor progress, keep motivated and be a happier healthy you!

Best Fitness Apps

Welltory is an app that lets your body talk to you directly, telling you how much you can get done today, if you risk getting sick, and what to do to feel better tomorrow. It measures the state of a user’s nervous system by tracking their heartbeat through the phone’s camera and analyzing it with the help of heart rate variability algorithms. 

HRV (Heart Rate Variability) I think will become the thing we should monitor! A low HRV is even associated with an increased risk of death and cardiovascular disease. People who have a high HRV may have greater cardiovascular fitness and be more resilient to stress.

APPS to Keep Fit

Workout from home absolutely free anytime with Fitness Blender. Husband and wife team whose goal is to make health and fitness attainable, affordable and approachable.

The free version of Freeletics: Workout & Fitness includes 900 equipment-free workouts based on time rather than a set number of reps. Chose between high-intensity interval training and strength-building workouts, which last between five and 30 minutes. 

Track Your Run, Walk or Ride

Run Keeper tracks distance, pace, and calorie burns for any athletic activity.  Plus it can sync to a heart rate monitor.

Map my walk I recently completed the couch to 5k with this app. This offers great training plans.  I love listening to my music or my audiobook while exercising and the coaching will play in the background and keep you on track.

Map my walk app image

Strava one of the most popular GPS cycling apps offers an array of handy ride logging functions which are then uploaded to your online profile.

The free app keeps track of your ride stats as you travel, including speed, time, and distance all the while tracking where you’ve been. At the end of your ride, you can view further stats such as calories burned and elevation ridden – plus whether you have set a new record. This app also will track runs.

Short on Time?

When you are in a time crunch try Johnson & Johanson’s 7-minute workout. While it won’t completely transform your body it is a great way to get your heart pumping and burn calories. It’s customizable, safe, and truly free.

Seven App by Perigee is another great option however to get rid of ads you might want to pay a small fee. The workouts are based on scientific studies to provide the maximum benefit in the shortest time possible. Tailor-made workouts target your goal areas to make sure you get the most out of your training.

Watch What You Eat

My fitness pal is probably the most popular one because it’s one of the best out there.  You can count calories, track exercise, and interact and motivate friends.  I love how many meals it has saved for easy meal planning! Not to mention the weight loss benefits and helping you make sure you get the proper nutrients.

Be Mindful

I am a huge fan of meditation. The inner stability I receive helps me to be much more resilient and happy. While I attend a formal meditation class I also utilize apps.

Headspace offers great meditation 101 information and you can try out several meditations for free!

Calling all mamas out there that need a little zen this app was made for you! MamaZen is the mindful parenting app for moms (and dads) who want to raise happier kids and be happy doing it!

Stay Positive!

Daily affirmations help rewire our brains, build self-esteem, and change negative thought patterns and this nifty little app, I AM, delivers them all day long! I find it very empowering and uplifting.

Do Good!

Charity Miles lets you turn a neighborhood jog or weekend hike into a fundraiser for good. Just choose a charity and get moving. The app tracks your movement and every mile you log, you help to earn money for your chosen charity. Corporate sponsors agree to donate a few cents for every mile you complete, and in exchange, you see their branding

I personally love to listen to audio books while I exercise. My local library lets us check out audio books, videos and ebooks for free with Hoopla. Check and see is this is available at your library.

I also love audible for the titles my library doesn’t carry. Use my affiliate link to try it for a month for free.

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