Here is a Friday Flashback about being thankful. I am thankful for you dear reader!  Thank you for taking the time to stop by here and see what I am up to! I feel lucky that you share your day with me!

We really wanted a way to help our family to take time to appreciate all of our blessings. This year has been a bit bumpy for us and when you are in the midst of a difficult period often it is hard to realize (and appreciate) the blessings you do have—-well it is for us. So while things aren’t always how we planned and turning out the way we wanted we still have been blessed and have much to be thankful for.

We took a huge branch from our yard and I die-cut tons of leaves in different colors. Our original plan was every night at dinner for each of us to write something we are thankful for on our leaf and clip it (with those mini- clothes pins I love) to a branch.

I noticed Chocolate on my Cranium is doing a similar activity with her family, except she does one more thing that I think is fabulous. She also focuses on what we do for others. She has made darling printable Thanks and Giving Trees if you want to forgo the tree branch. On one tree you write what you are thankful for and on the other tree you write something you have done for somebody.

So on one side of our leaf we will write what we are thankful for and on the other side something nice we have done for someone.

oops I notice the photo didn’t show that my son is thankful for his friends.

By the way–I am thankful for all of you that stop by here each day! You have brightened many days with your sweet comments and even if you don’t leave a comment my stat counter says you have been here and that also makes me happy!

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  1. I love the idea. We do a nightly gratitude journal/tv-off time before bed, but this is so much more visual, which is a nice reminder to stay grateful and be optimistic!

  2. oh i LOVE it. we are always looking for ways to incorporate gratitude and the recognition of our many blessings into our daily lives. this is a great dinner time activity. cannot wait to get it going…i’m a little late but better late than never right??
    love your site. visit all the time:)

  3. I love this idea. I’m always looking for things to do with children. This is a great way to nuture the spirit of being thankful.

  4. Wonderful idea- and I am thankful for your blog! It has given me so many wonderful craft inspirations the last year- as well as just being a lot of fun to read! Thank you:)

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