A crochet apple cozy if the perfect way to take an apple to work or school! They even make a cute gift for teachers with a cute little gift tag.

Grab some yarn and keep busy with hundreds of free crochet patterns here on Skip to my Lou.  I think you will find something fun to make!

apple inside a crochet apple cozy with apples on each side

Crochet Apple Cozy Supplies

  • 1-2 colors of worsted weight (medium 4) yarn
  • H-8 or I-9 hook ( I used an H crochet hook)
  • Stitch marker (optional)

Stitch abbreviations/terminology:

  • Magic ring → mr
  • Chain → ch
  • Slip stitch → sl st
  • Single crochet → sc
  • Half double crochet → hdc
  • Double crochet → dc
  • Treble crochet → tr
  • Increase (2 hdc in 1 st) → inc
  • Decrease (yo draw up a loop in each of the next 2 sts to get a total of 4 loops on the hook, yarn over, and draw through all 4 loops on the hook.) → dec

apple with open apple cozy

Important for this project:

  • **Join every round with sl st into the top of the first hdc, then ch 2 and continue in same st.
  • ***You can increase the size of the cozy by simply increasing the amount of hdcs by 1 hdc before each inc. When you reach the desired width, just work even the needed height and make sure you end up with an even number of sts.
  • Switch it up: weave in your ends seamlessly to make it reversible. Turn the cozy inside out. Both sides look great.
  • Use dcs instead of hdcs to give the cozy a netlike look.
  • Switch colors every/every second round to make a striped cozy.

inside view of crochet apple

Apple Cozy Crochet Pattern

Apple part

Round 1: Mr, start with ch 2, then 6 hdc in ring (6 sts). Tighten mr. Join round.**

Round 2: Inc in every st (12 sts). Join round.** Round 3: *hdc, inc* repeat around (18 sts). Join round.**

Round 4: *hdc 2, inc* repeat around (24 sts). Join round.** Round 5***: *hdc 3, inc* repeat around (30 sts). Join round.**

Round 6-9: Work even – hdc in each st around (30 sts). Join round.**

Round 10***: *hdc 4, inc* repeat around (36 sts). Join round.**

Round 11: Work even (36 sts). Join round with sl st, secure tail from mr and weave in ends.

Round 12: (switch colors), work even (36 sts). Join round.** Don’t fasten off but continue with the tie and leaf right away.

apple sitting in cozy with open leaf tie

Tie/leaf part

Make 2.
Round 13, 14: hdc 6, ch2, turn your work (6 sts).
Round 15: hdc 2, dcr, hdc 2, ch2, turn your work (5 sts).
Round 16: hdc 5, ch2, turn your work (5 sts).
Round 17: hdc 2, dcr, hdc, ch2, turn your work (4 sts).
Round 18: hdc 4, ch2, turn your work (4 sts).
Round 19: Hdc, dcr, hdc, ch2, turn your work (3 sts).
Round 20: hdc 3, ch2, turn your work (3 sts).
Round 21: Dcr, hdc, turn your work (2 sts).
Create the leaf.
Round 22: For the stem, ch13, turn work and from 2nd
ch from the hook 12 sl st back the ch, sl st in next st
(hdc from round 21), ch1, turn your work.
Round 23: For the leaf, work in the back of each sl st.
Hdc, dc 2, tr 3, dc 2, hdc, sc, sl st 2, ch1 (makes the
point of the leaf), turn, sl st 2, sc, hdc, dc 2, tr 3, dc 2,
hdc, sl st, fasten off and weave in the ends.
Now, count 12 sts (in round 12) from either side of the
tie and make the second tie and leaf. Weave in all

apple inside cozy with tied leaf tie

Grab a crisp apple and make it cozy!

apples and apple in cozy

This apple cozy makes a darling teacher gift! Just click the link to download the free printable gift tag.

—->FREE An Apple For the Teacher Tag (and other apple tags)

crochet apple cozy with apple for the teacher tag

The above apple cozy is a free pattern. If you would like a printable copy you can buy it now at the link below.


My Favorite Crochet Tools

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  • My MOST FAVORITE tool is these portable scissors that always make it through security and fit perfectly in my hook case.
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  1. This is very cute. I just made one…but it turned out much larger (higher) than your picture. There seems to be many more rows on the red part in the pattern than in the picture. Am I reading something wrong?

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