Advent Calendar For Boys

    Posted by  ·  November 10, 2014

    Turn a wooden yardstick into the perfect Advent Calendar for boys! Countdown to Christmas with a small treat or tool everyday.

    Wooden Yardstick Advent Calendar

    Supplies For Wooden Yardstick Advent Calendar

    25 small tool and or candies
    2 small eye hooks
    25 furniture nails
    1 wooden yardstick
    ribbon or wire for hanging

    Advent Calendar for a man supplies

    With a saw cut the wooden yardstick at 26 inches.

    man's advent calendar cutting yardstick

    Screw in eye hooks on the top of the yardstick at the 1 inch and 25 inch marks.

    man's advent calendar screw in eye hooks in yardstick

    Place furniture nails along each inch of the yardstick. Place something hard behind the yardstick and push the furniture nail all the way in the yardstick, but not through to the back.

    man's advent calendar place furniture nails

    Placing something hard like an upside down metal pan will stop the furniture nail from going all the way through the yardstick.

    furniture nails in yardstick for advent calendar

    Place ribbon or wire through eye hooks for hanging.  Hang a treat on each furniture nail and you have a fun way to countdown the holiday!

    Advent Calendar for boys



    Thanks Lowe’s for helping me craft up a special holiday. Of course, all opinions are my own! I have no trouble finding what I need for my DIY projects at Lowe’s! For great ideas and loads of inspiration sign up for their FREE Creative Ideas Magazine.  You can also follow  Lowe’s on Facebook for more ideas.

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    1. Stacey
      Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014
      What a fun idea! Would you be willing to list all the tools/items you put on yours (aside from the candy - I can figure that out!)? Thanks!