I love Halloween!  If you spend anytime on my blog you will see I have posted a lot of Halloween fun!  There is plenty of time to make this Halloween special -so grab your kids and have some fun with 25 Halloween Crafts and activities! You are sure to have the spookiest, most creative Halloween season yet!

25 Halloween crafts and activities

1.  Make your Pumpkin extra special with these DIY pumpkin eyes!

2.  Make your home festive and create a Halloween paper picado banner!

3.  Start some spooky fun and Boo your neighbors.

4.  Bake some cupcakes into spiders!

5.  Craft these Hanging bat bags and give them to your friends!

6.  Cook a Spooky dinner with Halloween skull bread and tomato soup!

7.  Have some friends over and serve pumpkin pie cheesecake dip!

8.  Deliver these witch finger cupcakes and make someones day!

9.  Put your fingers to good use make these trick or treat containers.

10. Serve witches brew with these free Halloween printable soda bottle labels.

11. Make your yard spooky with this Jack O’ Lantern light!

12. Light up the night with these Jack O’ Lantern votive candles!

13.  Enjoy a spooky after school snack with these ghostly pears!

14.  Practice your baking skills with these easy spider cupcakes  just use my free printable!

15.  Grab a little helper and make a skeleton decoration to hang in your windows!

16.  Gather some paper and get crafting these witch shoes are fun way to spend a chilly day!

17.  Make lunch extra special with these pumpkin juice box covers!

18.  Deliver something sweet with these tootsie pop pumpkins!

19.  Decorate your house with these spooky hanging ghost lanterns.

20.  Make mini candy bars extra festive with these bat and mummy candy bar covers!

21. Get dipping and make these cute no bake  Frankenstein cookie pops.

22. Let your family know you love them with this DIY pumpkin garland.

23. Make a last minute craft idea with these mummy treat containers.

24. Spend an afternoon and make these Pumpkin and ghost edible pencil tops!

25. Make a simple Halloween craft with this paper ghost garland!


Make 25 Halloween Cupcakes.

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