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No Sew Tutu Tutorial

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If we want to have a handmade holiday it is time to get to making some fabulous gifts!  A no sew tutu couldn’t be more simple to make for little ones and it is a great handmade gift that encourages imaginative play.

You will need 5 yards of tulle which can be found at a local fabric store and 1 elastic headband. I found the elastic headband at the dollar store.

Cut the entire 5 yards of tulle into 4 or 5 inch wide strips. It doesn’t have to be perfect and the width of the strips can be varied. Tulle is folded once lengthwise on the bolt when you buy it. Fold the tulle in half again lengthwise, and again once more to make the cutting go quicker.

Open strip up so it is folded in half one time, like it was when it came of the bolt. Fold this strip again, finding the middle.

Place the elastic headband on your upper thigh to make tying the strips of tulle onto the band easier.

Place the middle of the strip that is folded in half under the elastic band.

Reach under and through the loop grasping the strip.Pull the tail through the loop.

This makes a slip knot, pull snug. Be careful tying tulle strips around the elastic band to not stretch out the band.

Continue tying all of the strips evenly onto the elastic band.

If the waist of the tutu needs to be adjusted, tie a knot in the elastic band.

TaDa! Now you have made a super simple tutu that is perfect for costumes and play! Don’t forget a wand and crown to make this tutu an extra special homemade gift.

This tutu will fit children from about 2-7 years. To make the tutu longer in length for older children, don’t fold the strip exactly in the middle, making one side longer.


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