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Little Birdie Advent Calendar

Surprise Me!

This Advent calendar is a work in progress (I still have about 20 more birds to make YIKES). There is something about those branches in my entry, I hate to see them go. I thought the branches could stay for another holiday if they had some  birds swinging from them.

If you want to make some little birdies here is the template I used

Little Birdie Advent Calendar Template

Cut out the bird and trace around on two pieces of felt. This is your stitching line and not your cutting line, so use disappearing marking pen or  tracing pencil. I could also see these birds made from beautiful scrapbooking papers.

Cut out the embellishments. I have drawn on the template what I used but when making so many it is just easier to freehand some shapes. If I had not waited to the last minute and had more time these birds would be over the top with embroidered embellishments.

Stitch the shapes to the top piece of felt. I made an eye by embroidering a French knot (not shown in picture).   For the numbers I used little beads. You can sew them on the heart now, or string them on the holder later. I had hoped to find “number” brads. The numbers could also be embroidered.

Pin two pieces of felt together and stitch around the bird leaving an opening at the top (wider than what you want when finished because you will add your hanger in later). As you stitch around place the beak on top and catch it in your stitching. Don’t forget to add your eye and numbers like I did. It is much more difficult to add them later.

Cut around the bird. Slip a piece of ribbon, cord ,string or elastic gold thread in at each end of your opening and stitch back and forth at each end. You could do this in the previous step if it is easier.  It is easier and one less step but, I kept clipping off the hanger when I cut the bird out.

Fill with chocolates and let the holidays begin!

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