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Burlap Heart Wreath

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I have a double front door and need two door decorations and wanted something inexpensive.  When I saw this red burlap on sale this week at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 a yard I decided the price was right. I realized for less than two dollars I could make two wreaths.

Supplies for 1 wreath

1 metal hanger

12″ X width of  burlap (my burlap was about 50″ wide)

glue gun

a rotary cutter to make cutting the strips easier

dental floss


Cut 3 – 4″ X about 50″ burlap strips. Sew these three pieces together, so you have one long strip. To gather the burlap, machine zig zag stitch over dental floss.  I used red cinnamon flavored floss so it wouldn’t show, even though it looks white in the picture. Pull the floss and gather the burlap.

Bend 1 wire hanger into a heart shape.

Adjust gathers to fit around frame, cutting off any extra that isn’t needed. Hot glue to wire frame. I used clear fishing line to hang, but a pretty white bow would be nice.

If you want a no sew method, Craftaholics Anonymous gathered the burlap by threading it about every three inches or so right onto the wire Hanger.


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