Here is a quick treat that would make a wonderful edible gifts for the holidays!

Candy Coated Peanut Butter Crackers

Just a few supplies is all you need to make these tasty treats. I used Ritz crackers, creamy peanut butter, white candy coating and some rainbow coarse sugar (or color of your choice). A half pound of white candy coating will coat at least one dozen cracker sandwiches.

First begin melting the candy coating. Place candy discs in an oven safe bowl. Preheat oven to 200 degrees. When oven is heated turn the oven OFF. Place bowl of candy in the oven for 10 minutes.

While candy is melting make the peanut butter sandwiches. Spread peanut butter between two crackers (tops to the middle) and smooth the sides. You don’t need much peanut butter ( I was a little generous —but if you like peanut butter go for it).

Let the sandwich go for a swim in the candy!

Lift the sandwich out with a fork or tongs. Firmly tap the handle of the fork against the top edge of the bowl to remove extra candy from the cracker sandwich.

While cookies are still wet sprinkle with some colorful holiday coarse sugar. Allow cookies to harden on wax paper. In about 10 minutes you have a sweet treat!

If you love peanut butter like we do you might like these easy peanut butter cookies. These peanut butter cup blondies are also a family favorite


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  1. I just want to say they are very addictive. These are so good!!!! These were one of my fathers favorite cookie that I made. Keep up the good work Ladies and keep those recipes coming!!!!!

  2. I recently attended a tea and tasted a open faced peanut butter cracker that had a coated bottom and the thinnest crackle on top of the peanut butter. I was thinking that it was a soft version of peanut brittle, but i don,t jnow how it was done. Anybody have any idea?

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