You Are a "Catch" Candy Fish Bowl Valentine by Amy is the Party

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    Hello! I’m Amy from amy is the party. I am honored to join Skip to My Lou’s Valentine series yet again this year. I have an easy and fun Valentine that would be perfect for a classmate, teacher, or anyone that you think is a good “catch.” Can you tell I like puns?

    fishy Valentines


    • Fish bowl Valentine Printable (PDF)
    • A small fish bowl
    • Blue jelly beans (or another blue candy)
    • Gummy fish candies
    • Optional: paper straws, wood skewer, baker’s twine


      1. Print the Fish bowl Valentines on cardstock and cut out the Valentine you’d like to use. The “I’m so glad we’re in the same school” Valentine would be suitable for a classmate or a teacher.
    Printable Fish Bowl Valentines
    1. Fill the bottom of the fishbowl with blue jelly beans or another type of blue candy, to simulate the water.
    2. Add in as many gummy fish as you like.
    3. You can punch a hole in your Valentine, string it onto some baker’s twine, and tie it around your fish bowl in a bow. Another method is to glue or tape your Valentine to a paper straw, then insert the straw into the jelly beans in the bottom of your fish bowl (to help it stand up).
    4. Optional fishing pole: Cut the sharp end off a wooden skewer, then carefully split the end of the skewer with an Exacto knife, to make a little slit (this step should be performed by an adult). Tie a knot in an 8 inch (approx.) piece of baker’s twine, and then insert the twine into the slit in the skewer, with the knot at the end. Tie the other end of the twine around the head of a gummy fish. Trim the twine as needed. Now you can stick the fishing pole in into the jelly beans in the bottom of your fish bowl. Tip: To help my fishing pole stand up, I speared a gummy fish onto the end, then buried in under jelly beans.
    You are a catch Valentine I'm glad we're in the same school Valentine

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