Are you hosting Christmas dinner or a Christmas eve party? Everyone knows that appetizers are always the most popular, and charcuterie boards are quickly taking over. People love all of the fresh fruits, sweet treats, and different meats! So, if you’ve been tasked with hosting or having to bring a plate to share, try some of these wreath charcuterie board ideas to make your next board instantly festive!

Tools For Your Wreath Charcuterie Board

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Whether you are making a bagel board, dessert board, snack boards, or one of these wreath charcuterie board ideas, you are going to want the right tools! These tools may include a serving board, cheese knives, toothpicks, and more! Below you’ll find a couple of my favorites!

14 Beautiful wreath Charcuterie Boards

A gorgeous charcuterie board can instantly transform a table at holiday gatherings. When you create a holiday wreath charcuterie board, you’ll have one of the prettiest and most delicious centerpieces for your holiday table. These wreath charcuterie board ideas are festive, fun, and absolutely stunning!

1. Wreath Charcuterie Board and Antipasto

Italians always serve antipasto before the main pasta entree, and this appetizer will fill any Italian heart! Mozzarella balls, green olives, and salami come together to create this beautiful wreath charcuterie board from Ain’t Too Proud to Meg.

wreath charcuterie board ideas-antipasto and crackers
A traditional antipasto charcuterie board with crackers for extra flare.

2. Simple and Colorful Charcuterie Board

This beautiful and festive board from Emily Enchanted is easy to make and is the perfect thing to add to any snack table at your next party this holiday season. The bright colors of the finger foods and salami roses make this board eye-catching and delicious.

wreath charcuterie board ideas with honey, olives, and salami
A sweet wreath charcuterie board with honey, cookies, and other delicious pieces.

3. Brie Star Charcuterie Board

This traditional charcuterie board from The Recipe Critic contains delicious cheeses, meats, and fruits. Adding in some fresh rosemary springs and a cookie cutter star in the cheese makes this board pop and the perfect addition to your holiday parties.

wreath charcuterie board ideas- brie star, grapes, cheese, blueberries, and more
A beautiful charcuterie board with fruit, cheeses, and rosemary springs for garnish.

4. Meats and Cheeses Charcuterie Board

If your family and friends don’t want all that extra mumbo-jumbo on their charcuterie board, you can still make a gorgeous Christmas charcuterie board out of meat and cheese. This meat and cheese charcuterie board from Number-2-Pencil may be one of the easiest. The variety of cheeses and meats make this festive charcuterie board simple and perfect!

wreath charcuterie board ideass- meat and cheese board
A charcuterie board full of meats, cheeses, and olives.

5. Pepperoni Rose and Wreath Charcuterie Board

This festive Christmas wreath charcuterie board from Simplistically Living isn’t just in the shape of a wreath, but it has some added greenery to really give off all the Christmas wreath vibes. Pepperoni roses, pepper jack cheese, green grapes, and cherry tomatoes add beautiful colors and flavors, while the foliage underneath makes it special!

wreath charcuterie board ideas- a pepperoni rose and cheese board
A charcuterie wreath with a beautiful pepperoni rose.

6. Antipasto Skewer Charcuterie Board

This charcuterie wreath board from wholesome kitchen is simple, and it adds the perfect festive touch to any Christmas party or family gatherings. This wreath is made with antipasto skewers that include grape tomatoes, mozzarella, salami, and olives (green or black olives work well!!) Add a few small bowls of balsamic glaze to take this delicious appetizer up a notch.

wreath charcuterie board ideas- antipasto skewers
An Italian charcuterie board with mozzarella, tomatoes, olives, and all the meat!

7. Large and In Charge Wreath Charcuterie Board

This big board from Everyday Shortcuts is perfect if you are looking for a festive Christmas charcuterie board that makes a simple appetizer and a beautiful centerpiece. Add your favorite meats, cheese, veggies, crackers, and some sprigs of rosemary to fill in the empty spaces, and you’ve got yourself the perfect holiday appetizer for Christmas parties.

wreath charcuterie board ideas- a large array of foods with vegetables, meat, cheese, and crackers
A large charcuterie board with meat, pretzels, cheese, olives, and more.

8. Simple Antipasto Wreath

If you do not need a large platter of food, this antipasto wreath from foodiecrush is perfect. Full of ingredients you probably wouldn’t have thought to put on a board, like blue cheese-stuffed olives, artichoke hearts, and Italian-style marinated mushrooms.

wreath charcuterie board ideas- olives, crackers, tomatoes, and more.
A simple antipasto charcuterie board with unique ingredients.

9. Not Your Normal Charcuterie Board

This edible wreath from plantbased on a budget is full of sweet fall and winter fruit, cookies, nuts, crackers, and briny olives! It is full of savory flavors and even has room for small plates of jams. Imagine all of the sweet tooths you will please with this themed charcuterie board.

wreath charcuterie board ideas- a wreath with olives, grapes, and desserts like cookies.
A quick and easy charcuterie board that is full of cookies, nuts, jellies, and olives.

10. Christmas Charcuterie Wreath

Starting with a festive wreath of fresh herbs, Reluctant Entertainer creates a simple charcuterie board full of Christmas colors and a simple ingredient list! The crackers, cheese, apples, and meat complement each other nicely and do not feel overcrowded on this cheese platter.

wreath charcuterie board ideas with simple cheeses, crackers, fruit, and meats.
A simple charcuterie board with meat, cheese, fruit, and more.

11. More Than Salami Wreath Board

If you think the best part of a charcuterie board is the meat, then this board is for you. Num’s the word doesn’t just add salami to this beautiful board. It is full of pepperoni, prosciutto, and ham! The best thing? She even gives you step-by-step instructions on making and wrapping your charcuterie board ahead of time!

wreath charcuterie board ideas with salami, pepperoni, ham, cheese, and more.
A charcuterie board with more than just salami.

12. Full to the Brim Board

This charcuterie board from Wholefully may not be in a wreath shape, but its decorations give it wreath vibes!  With a circle of brie filled with pomegranate seeds takes center stage, and the fresh fruit is cut beautifully. This full board is perfect for a large holiday party where you want to give everyone a little taste of everything!

wreath charcuterie board ideas- a full board with fruit, cheese, vegetables, and more.
Full to the brim, this charcuterie board has everything you’ll want!

13. 15 Minute Charcuterie Board

Are you pressed for time? This 15 minute wreath board will help you out! This cheese board is an antipasto board like no other. Feel good foodie makes this antipasto charcuterie board with a balsamic glaze and rosemary sprigs for some greenery.

wreath charcuterie board ideas- antipasto skewers with balsamic glaze
Antipasto charcuterie board with balsamic glaze

14. Pickles and Olives Board

Wonkywonderful has taken the average antipasto charcuterie board and made a great addition, taking the simple ingredients of pickles, artichokes, cucumbers, and more to turn this type of appetizer into a main course!

wreath charcuterie board ideas- antipasto skewers with pickles, artichokes, cucumbers, etc.
An antipasto charcuterie board with more than just the normal ingredients.

Christmas Charcuterie Board Ideas 

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