If you love sweet treats and have a wooden board, why not make your own dessert board for your next special occasion? We’re so excited to share with you 36 dessert charcuterie board ideas that are a great addition to your movie night, Halloween party, Valentine’s Day, or New Year event.

We have so many other charcuterie board recipes for you to browse, including sandwich charcuterie boards ideas, simply rustic charcuterie boards, and 15 perfect picnic charcuterie boards.

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Best Dessert Platter Recipes

Whether or not you are already making a traditional charcuterie board, it’s always a good idea to have some sweet, tasty treats. These dessert boards are especially great for the holiday season, as everyone craves the perfect dessert after a big meal. My favorite things about making my own fun dessert board are that they are so simple to make – simply add your favorite treats – and they are pretty inexpensive, as you can get most things in any grocery store.

So if you’re ready to make a sweet charcuterie board with different flavors, we are sure you’ll find some inspiration here!


Put together a simple DIY dessert charcuterie board to enjoy with friends, family, or your special someone. It’s perfect to take your get-togethers or holidays to the next level and is completely customizable! via Fork In The Kitchen.

Image shows a sweet dessert board with pretzels fruits and chocolate, from Fork in the kitchen
Everyone loves chocolate ganache!


If you love making cheese boards, next time you make one, you should definitely add this dessert board. This one has many cookies, candies, mini cupcakes, and fresh fruits. via Sugar and Charm.

Image shows a dessert charcuterie board with cookies, meringue, dried fruit, fresh fruit, and chocolate. from sugar and charm
Fancy and tasty!

3. Dessert Charcuterie Board

Everyone has a preference, so why not cater to those you love and make a charcuterie board dessert tray with a variety of cookies, fruit, candies, and dessert dips? via Devour Dinner.

Image shows a dessert board with cookies, fruits, and chocolates. from devour dinner
Let’s make a colorful board.

4. Dessert Charcuterie Board

Did you know you can make any theme board for every holiday? Christmas, Easter, and birthdays. Just get your favorite treats and arrange them in a way that fits your theme. Here are many ideas for you to try. via Favorite Family Recipes.

Image shows a dessert board with m&ms, grapes, strawberries, pretzels and popcorn. from fav family dinners
Sweet and savory is a great way to please everyone.


Learn how easy it is to put together a dessert charcuterie board that’s perfect for sharing with family and friends for a holiday get-together! via Boston Girl Bakes.

Image shows a dessert board with cookies, fruits, nuts, pretzels and popcorn. from boston girl bakes
Find a balance between sweet and savory

6. Dessert Charcuterie Board Recipe for the Holidays

Bake brownies and cookies, make chocolate bark, and even whip up your own homemade chocolate dip, or you can make it easy on yourself and get store-bought treats. via The Delicious Life.

Image shows a dessert charcuterie board with brea, sweet dips, cookies, bark and dips. via the delicious life
This dessert board is so elegant.


A dessert board with a few movie night snacks like popcorn, pretzels, and pistachios for a little salty bonus. This one is perfect for a Halloween-themed party. via Play Party Plan.

Image shows a dessert board with a halloween theme. via play party plan
Ohhh, so colorful and tasty.


This simple dessert charcuterie board is the easiest dessert ever! It’s the best way to clean out the fridge by using snacks and treats that you’ve got around. via Midwest Foodie.

Imag eshows a dessert board with pretzels, nuts, fruits, crackers, cookies and nuts. via midwest foodie
The apple slices are a perfect way to make your party healthy.

9. How to Make a Dessert Charcuterie Board

Make a holiday dessert charcuterie board – Marshmallow dip, peppermint dip, and a chocolate ganache are perfect flavors for the holidays! via The Food Charlatan.

Image shows a large dessert charcuterie board with cookies, pretzels, dips, meringues, and more. from the food charlatan
What a fun way to wow your guests!

10. How to Make a Dessert Charcuterie Board

Fill up a big board with your favorite sweet treats, fresh berries, chocolate candies, homemade treats like brownies or truffles, and satisfy your sweet tooth! via Rainbow Plant Life.

Image shows a dessert board with chocolate, strawberries, berries, pretzels and more sweet treats. via the rainbow plant life.
Satisfy your cravings with this sweet board.

11. Churro & Berry Dessert Board

Try a fun, festive churro + berries board for any occasion. Add a chocolate sauce for dunking, and you’ll get the most delicious treat. via The Comfort of Cooking.

Image shows a large dessert charcuterie board with churros, fruits and chocolate dip. via the comfort of cooking
Everyone loves churros!


Here’s the ultimate guide to making a no-fail dessert platter for any occasion. This one only takes 30 minutes, it’s completely no-cook, and it makes 12 servings. via Chef Not Required.

Image shows a dessert platter with chocolates, fruits, cookies and dried fruits. via chef not required
Super quick and easy to make.


Putting together a huge platter filled with sweet treats for guests to pick at makes light work for you. Add fresh fruits for a fall dessert charcuterie board, some cheeses, crackers, as well as cookies, brownies and little tarts. via Simply Delicious.

Image shows a sweet and savory charcuterie board with a christmas theme. idea from simply delicious
Perfect for the holidays!

14. Chocolate Dessert Board (Dessert Charcuterie)

This dessert spread features cookies, pretzels, caramels, fruits, chocolates, and a creamy hazelnut spread for dipping. via Platings + Pairings.

Image shows a dessert charcuterie board with chocolates, nuts, cookies, and fresh fruits. via platings & pairings
Pro tip: add dark chocolate to your board!

15. How to Make Strawberries and Cream Dessert Charcuterie Board (Platter)

learn how to make an easy dessert charcuterie board (platter) piled up with fresh strawberries and cream! Healthy, delicious, and only takes a few minutes to make. via Little Figgy Food.

Image shows a dessert board with dark chocolate, fruits, and nuts. via little figgy food
We love all things chocolate!

16. Fruit and Dessert Charcuterie Board

Follow these easy tips on how to display your favorite fruits and desserts onto a big serving tray. It has loads of fresh fruits like pineapple and mango, as well as chocolate-covered pretzels and other tasty treats. via Picky Palate.

Image shows a dessert tray with chocolate and fresh fruits. via picky palate
Let’s make a healthy but sweet treat.

17. Chocolate Fondue Board

Get some ideas and inspiration here to make a simple and easy dessert charcuterie that is healthy, wholesome, and keeps everyone satisfied. via Camille Styles.

Image shows a dessert charcuterie board with nuts, berries, cheese and chocolate fondue. via Camille styles
Let’s make a board that is easy peasy.

18. The Kids Will Devour This DIY S’mores Board

Make a s’mores dessert board for 12 people – From the classic (graham crackers, chocolate bar, and roasted marshmallow) to more complex ingredients, this board is sure to please everyone. via NJ Family.

Image shows a smores, cookies, and other sweet treats dessert board. via nj familyFresh
Add some fresh berries for extra flavor.


Make this amazing birthday dessert board covered in every sweet, sprinkled treat you could wish for! Vanilla cake, some sweet snacks, fruits, it’s perfect! via The Baker Mama.

Image shows a dessert board with a birthday theme. via the baker mama
Happy birthday!

20. Chocolate Dessert Charcuterie Board

This chocolate board includes recipes for chocolate-covered figs, chocolate nut roll, and tips on how to make the perfect chocolate board for your next party. via Flavor The Moments.

Image shows a chocolate dessert charcuterie board with berries, cookies, chocolate dip. via flavor the momens
Perfect for chocolate lovers.

21. Lazy Susan Fall Dessert Board

A Lazy Susan fall dessert board full of delicious treats–mini cinnamon rolls, Trader Joe’s maple leaf cookies, dark chocolate peanut butter cups, and more! via Reluctant Entertainer.

Image shows a fall-themed dessert board with cookies, chocolates, and sweets. via reluctant entertainer
Here’s a good choice for your fall party.

22. How to make a SIMPLE S’mores Dessert Board

If you want another s’mores board recipe that is even simpler than the past one, here’s a good place to start. Get your marshmallows! via Simple Party Food.

Image shows a s'mores dessert board with chocolate chip cookies, marshmallows, cookies, fruits, from simple party food
Chocolate chip cookies are sooo delicious.


These Chocolate Charcuterie Board Ideas are filled with delicious and decadent chocolate treats. Try these ideas for Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion. via Wanderlust & Wellness.

Image shows a chocolate dessert board with fruits and dips. from wanderlust & wellness.
Chocolate fans will love this board.

24. EPIC Christmas Dessert Board

For Christmas, serve this Christmas Dessert Board at a holiday dessert party! Cheese, dried fruit, nuts, crackers, cured meats, and, of course, sweet treats like apples, pies, and jam. via Reluctant Entertainer.

Image shows a christmas board with desserts, jams, fruits, and more. via reluctant entertainer
Marbled chocolate bread, yumm.


A decadent chocolate board with an assortment of chocolate truffles, milk chocolate, dark chocolate hearts, chocolate covered pretzels, Nutella, berries, and more! via Modern Honey.

Image shows a chocolate dessert board with chocolate covered pretzels, strawbrries, dip, and more.from modern honey
There’s never enough chocolate!

26. Nutella Fondue Dip Dessert Board

Love Nutella? Give this recipe a try! Make your own fondue dip, and serve it with your favorite fall treats and impress your guests. via Reluctant Entertainer.

Image shows a dessert board with a fall-theme. via reluctant entertainer
So many fall treats!


Get 10 tips for how to make the perfect vegan dessert charcuterie board and over 100 vegan ideas for what to put on your vegan dessert grazing board. via Make it Dairy Free.

Image shows a vegan dessert board with fruits, cookies, and other ingredients. via make it dairy free
Vegan desserts are so good!


Make a gorgeous dessert charcuterie board with a mix of store bought items and homemade items. This has a Valentine’s Day theme, but you can make it for any occasion. via A Sprinkle Of Joy.

Image shows a valentine's day dessert board with cookies and muffins and candies.
So beautiful!


Make a dessert charcuterie board full of cookies, candy, and other seasonal treats! It’s healthy and full of flavor. via Chenée Today.

Image shows a christmas dessert charcuterie board with pretzels, cookies, and other sweets. via chenee today.
Christmas is here!

30. How to Create a Christmas Cookie Dessert Charcuterie Board

Are you ready to take your Christmas cookie tray to the next level? Everyone will be impressed at how nice it looks, but luckily for you, it is so easy to make! via Beyond Frosting.

Follow the steps to make a Christmas sweet board.


This easy berry and chocolate dessert board is a beautiful dessert idea for a crowd, and the best part is that it takes minimal effort and no baking required. via Lively Table.

Image shows a sweet dessert board with cookies, fruits, chocolates, and more. via lively table
So much sweetness in one single place.

32. Dessert Charcuterie Board

This dessert charcuterie board for two is the sweetest thing to make for Valentine’s Day. Such a fun no-cook way to serve an easy dessert! via Dessert For Two.

Image shows a dessert charcuterie board with fresh fruits, cupcakes, and more desserts. via desserts for two
Romantic and delicious.

33. Fruit and Chocolate Dessert Board

Create an everyday after-dinner version of a charcuterie board using fruit and chocolate! It’s an easy way to serve food at a bridal shower or a girls night. via Gluesticks.

Image shows a chocolate and fruit dessert board. via gluesticks
What a great combination!

34. Valentine’s Day Dessert Board

Filled with heart-shaped macarons, candy, fruit, and all things sweet, this dessert board will be a fun treat to snack on. via A Pumpkin and a Princess.

Image shows a valentine's day dessert board with cookies, fruits, and chocolates. via a pumpkin and a princess
What a lovely way to celebrate Valentine’s day.

35. Chocolate Charcuterie Board

A wine and chocolate charcuterie board is a terrific dessert idea for adults. Serve a variety of flavored chocolates, nuts, and fruits for an easy party at home. via Celebrations At Home.

Image shows a chocolate charcuterie board. via celebrations at home
So elegant and yummy.

36. Chocolate-covered dessert charcuterie board

Loaded with delicious sweet treats that are all chocolate-dipped and decorated, this dessert board is a chocolate lover’s dream! via Lemon Tree Dwelling.

Image shows a chocolate board with desserts and fruits. via lemon tree dwelling.
One of my favorite chocolate boards!



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What was your favorite dessert charcuterie board recipe?

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