This post is sponsored by Wilton. All opinions and ideas are my own. We had a blast decorating cookies and am happy to tell you about this fun activity!

Wilton Cookie Creations Activity Kits make the activity of decorating cookies fun and easy. The cookie kits include everything you need to make a fabulous creation! I love activities that allow my child to practice new skills and encourage creativity. I am always looking for ideas to keep my daughter engaged and learning new things without picking up a screen! These kits fit the bill!

giraffe lion tiger and elephant cookies on cake

It is easy to build some sweet memories with the Cookie Creations Activity Kits. All the tools and ingredients are included. We were able to open the box and start decorating. No baking required!  We chose the Jungle Animals Cookie Kit, but there are also circus, outer space, and fantasy castle themes.

wilton cookie kit boxes packaging

All the tools and ingredients are included. We were able to open the box and start decorating. No baking required!

wilton jungle animals cookie kit supplies

First, we placed the plastic tip inside the pastry bag. Just clip off the corner of the bag and slip the tip in. They have made everything about this kit EASY!

plastic pastry tip in pastry bag

At our house, we make filling pastry bags easy by slipping the bag into a drinking glass. Fold the top of the bag over the top edge of the glass. This keeps the bag open while you fill the bag and keeps the top of the bag from getting sticky.

filling pastry bag with frosting

A twist tie or rubber band at the top of the pastry bag will keep the frosting from coming out the top as your child decorates.

filled pastry bags

We started by outlining the cookie. No need to worry – the kit has step-by-step instructions so you will know just what to do!

piping frosting on cookie

Place just a bit more frosting inside the outline and then spread smooth with a knife.

spreading frosting on cookie

Details are added with piping gel (also included).

black piping gel on cookie

Even packages of fondant are included to add some special details.

add brown fondant to lion cookie

In no time at all, we had decorated all the pieces. While our pieces were drying we decided to use these cool jungle animals to top a cake.

decorated cookie pieces

We used the green fondant inside the kit to make a leaf border around the top of the cake.

shaping fondant leaf with knife

We were able to make a store bought cake AMAZING! My daughter couldn’t be any more proud of her jungle cake! How good it feels to say, I made that!

child putting fondant leave on cake

All those cookie pieces fit together to make cool 3-D jungle animals that stand! The pieces easily fit together. We found we could use a knife to slightly remove a bit of the cookie for a more snug fit.

jungle cake close up

Spread the fun! These kits would make a great gift! Not only was it a fun, easy project – the cookies were delicious!

jungle cake

jungle cake


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  1. Wow! These turned out so darling! I can’t wait to make these with my kiddos. Thanks for sharing and showing all the details!

  2. This is so so great. I am terrible at this sort of the thing. A kit is just what I need.

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