This white chocolate popcorn is AMAZING! Smooth and creamy and takes only two ingredients. It is the simplest of recipes but don’t let it’s simplicity fool you. You will not be able to stop eating it! My friend Lori makes this for our get togethers and we finally named it crack corn (I know..a little inappropriate name choice, but it is addictive)! Since it uses corn puffs…. this stuff MELTS in your mouth. Totally delicious! It would make a wonderful edible gift!

white chocolate popcorn

The secret to making this white chocolate popcorn melt in your mouth is to use corn pops. I have also heard it called chester corn.

art and marys corn pops

Ingredients for white chocolate popcorn

1 bag corn pops (not cereal) (I can no longer find the 8-ounce bag at my grocery store, so I have been using 2 – 3 ounce bags)

1 -12 ounce white chocolate chips

white chocolate chips

How to make white chocolate popcorn

Slowly melt the white chocolate chips in the microwave or double boiler. Place corn pops in a large bowl. Pour melted chocolate over the corn and stir to coat evenly. Pour corn out on wax paper and let set. Keep in an airtight container. How easy is that!

More Popcorn and Snack Recipes

It is also easy to make candied popcorn. You can make it any color you like.


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  1. I have made these delicious snacks for years but I have always used movie butter popcorn and white almond bark. I pour the chocolate over the popcorn and stir. I also make sure there aren’t any unpopped kernels before serving 🙂 Going to have to try the corn puffs though, would save me a few steps 😉

  2. Why can’t you use regular popcorn? Just curious. Sounds delicious though and I’m sure my kids would love me to try this!!

  3. My friend puts peanuts and chocolate covered candies in her popped corn. It is truly delicious.

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