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Hello Skip to My Lou fans!  I’m Christie from A Lemon Squeezy Home, and I’m excited to be here sharing a very simple gift idea for the holidays.  If you are like me, sometimes the holidays can get extremely overwhelming and you don’t feel like you get to spend near enough time enjoying it with those you love most.  So I decided to come up with something quick and easy.  It’s also fairly inexpensive, especially if you already have glitter paint (which is totally optional—you could use plain paint instead!).
DSC_0348 real words

Here’s all you’ll need:

-two pieces of fabric cut to a 3.5” in diameter circle

-one piece of batting cut to a 3.5” in diameter circle

**Please note: on the circles I have my edges raw because it’s fast and I like the look.  If you want finished edges then cut your circles larger so you have room to turn.  You also can do other shapes rather than circles, of course!

-a stencil or cut out of holiday shape (I used freezer paper). Mine was about 2” x 2”.

-glitter paint and brush—I tried the tulip shimmer fabric paint and really, really liked it!  Don’t forget a coupon when you purchase it!

-ribbon for hanging your ornaments (forgot to get that in the picture)

-basic sewing supplies


First, take your freezer paper stencil and iron it onto the front of one of your outer fabrics, centered.  You can use a normal stencil or even screen printing if you are making a lot of the same design.


Apply paint as per directions on the bottle.  I only applied two coats of paint, but I think next time I’ll do three.


Once dry, layer the batting between the two outer fabric circles.


Cut a piece of ribbon to the desired length and insert about 1/4” down between the batting and the back circle.  Pin in place and pin around the ornament.

Sew around the circle as many time as you want!  Make sure to catch the ribbon with the thread.


You can change the thread color to contrast.


Or do a large zig-zag to finish the edges.  Once finished, give your ornament a good pressing.


So very easy and fast!  My kind of project for the holidays!


Attach an ornament to a bag of goodies or another gift.


Or make a set of four to give away.


Apart from letting the paint dry, this is really a fast project.  I love the glitter paint and how simple and pretty it makes these ornaments.  Happy sewing for the holidays!

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  1. This is a perfect quick project! Just what I was looking for. Love the idea of using them for gift tags.

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