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    We are baking, sewing & crafting up a storm, preparing handmade gifts for this holiday season. I am sharing 30 wonderful sewn gifts from 30 amazing bloggers! Head on over to According to Kelly for 30 fabulous crafty gifts. A Southern Fairytale is spotlighting 30 edible yummies & holiday-inspired recipes.You definitely don’t want to miss a day! Check out ALL of our creative projects HERE.




    Hello all! I’m Carrie from This Mama Makes Stuff, where I blog about refashioning & running, raising comapssionate kids & crocheting, thrifting and triathlons. I am so happy to be part of the Holiday Bake, Craft and Sew Along again this year! More than anything it reminds me that it’s time to get going on all my own handmade holiday gifts. I never leave myself enough time. The great thing about the gift I’m sharing with you today is that it’s super fast and super easy, only requiring minimal sewing skills.

    “Shape Stretchies” were some of my favorite things to play with at my sister’s house growing up. She was a modern dance teacher and always fun ideas to promote creative movement for kids. She introduced my kids to “stretchies” and they also fell in love.

    With only a minimal amount of sewing, you can create something that promotes creativity and movement. Make four “stretchies”, include a few “game cards” to help get the creative juices flowing and a bag to keep it all together and it’s a unique gift for the cool kids in your life.


    This one was made from an old pair of jeans, but you could reuse one you have laying around or buy a small bag.


    For each “stretchy”, cut two strips of swimsuit lycra 4″ X 45″. Sew them together at both short ends to create a long, skinny circle (measurements depend on fabric stretchiness & size of child.) You can leave the long ends of the circle unfinished since the knit won’t fray and it will begin to curl in. Swimsuit lycra can be expensive at the local fabric store (especially in the “off-season”) so make sure to save your coupons if that’s your only source for fabric.

    Activity Cards:

    Download HERE. Don’t be afraid to add your own cards to the mix.

    If you’re looking for a cozy gift for the little snuggler in your life, check out my Mini Snuglet tutorial HERE.

    Or maybe you’re looking for an heirloom quality gift for a new baby in your life? I think you’ll love my Hankie Baby Bonnet Tutorial.

    Good luck with all your handmade holiday sewing!




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    1. Amanda Rodriguez
      Thursday, May 23rd, 2013
      Where do I buy these stretches. I need them for like tomorrow! :)
    2. Adrienne
      Friday, April 12th, 2013
      These are awesome! I just made a set for my 4yo daughter's friend's bday (and I may have made an extra set my for kiddos...) Super easy one-night project. Even my hubby is playing with them :)
    3. Thursday, March 8th, 2012
      Love these! I made a set for my daughter's class and the kids had a blast.

    4. claire
      Tuesday, September 20th, 2011
      Absolutely love the stretchies....any more ideas for the cards??
    5. Thursday, September 15th, 2011
      Love the shape stretchies, I going to use them in my classroom when I'm teaching maths!
    6. Thursday, September 15th, 2011
      Love it! What a great gift idea :)

    7. Thursday, September 15th, 2011
      Such great ideas! I am going to try my hand at the baby bonnet and the stretchies...wish me luck! ; O