Do you have a high school senior? There is still time to have a photoshoot for senior pictures! These senior picture ideas will give you some inspiration for celebrating the end of high school.

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Senior Picture Ideassenior picture ideas

When should senior pictures be taken?

Many studios book up by fall of the school year, so the best time to get senior photography done is late spring or summer after your teen’s junior year. And don’t forget, high school yearbook clubs put together the annual yearbook well before the end of the school year!

How do I take a good senior yearbook picture?

Most studios offer a variety of senior picture pose options, including indoor and outdoor shoots. Yearbooks typically prefer head and shoulder poses, so check with your school if you have questions.

Senior Photo Ideas

If you are looking for a cap and gown theme for your senior girl, how about hanging the tassel from the graduation cap off her high heel? That’s such a cute way to display the graduation year and some sassy personality. You could incorporate your senior’s class ring into their graduation photo as well.

grad pictures

Outdoor Senior Picture Poses

If your senior feels comfortable with a nontraditional portrait, you might explore some of these senior pic ideas. You often see the sidewalk chalk picture idea with little kids, but it’s a playful pose for seniors, too. Let your kid draw his/her name and graduation year, and then lie down for the picture.

Or grab some big number mylar balloons to try a standing pose with the graduation year. I love the adventurous outdoor setting on this one!

Local parks, natural areas, and downtown streets are all fun places for photoshoots. You might brainstorm with your senior about a meaningful location before scheduling an appointment with your photography studio. That said, a good photographer will make your senior the focus of the picture and can make any setting look great. Talk to your photographer about what you want in a session before you arrive.

Get on the swings at a local playground! There’s almost no sweeter memory for parents than pushing their little girl on the swing. The over-the-shoulder pose is so flattering and is a nice alternative to the front-facing yearbook standard. Senior pictures today are all about creativity and showing your unique personality.

Angie Blackburn Photography has some really great ideas for traditional senior pictures, but this silhouette photo is one seriously cool picture. Do you take your own pictures at home, or count some photography buffs in your friends and family? You’ll find inspiration for using natural evening light and interesting compositions looking through these photos, for picture day or any day!

See how much your senior has grown with this great blast-from-the-past picture idea by Sevyn Ezra Photography. This composition pulls the heartstrings and is sure to be a favorite of parents and grandparents who “remember when you were this big!”

Sports-themed Senior Photo Ideas

Does your senior have a special talent, sport, or marching band extracurricular in which they are involved?  I love the ideas of including some personality and passion in senior photos.

I love this photo shoot idea for a cheerleader, for example, posed between the two school buses. It would be pretty easy to recreate at the school or bus garage (with permission, of course!) on a weekend afternoon.

This is a cool soccer photo by Dev Photography. It is a unique way to show off a popular sport and captures so much determination and focus. And this track pose also has great intensity, showcasing her face so beautifully. These kids are ready to take on the world.

I hope these photos give you some inspiration to make your senior portraits special and kick off that final year of high school!


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  1. The are GREAT ideas! I have a friend who has a senior this year and needed some ideas. Sending her your way! Thanks!

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