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Hello Skip to my Lou readers! I’m Heather from The Sewing Loft and I am so excited to be visiting Skip to my Lou today!  I’m sharing a super simple gift card holder that is made from your scrap pile of ribbons.  That’s right, the left over bits!

Ribbon Gift Card Holder The Sewing Loft

I have to confess, I am terrible at tossing out scraps and trims are no exception in my studio!  So, what’s a girl to do with a pile of ribbon scraps?

Well, I made a ribbon fabric!  But then what? Since the holidays are here and I always give a few gift cards, I thought a gift card holder would be perfect.  In my world, when giving a gift even the wrapping needs to be fun!


  • ribbon scraps
  • felt 5 ” x 7″
  • lightweight scrap fabric
Basic Instructions:
~Start with pressed ribbons and scrap fabric.  Lay your ribbons flat along surface of fabric.  Feel free to overlap and create a pattern.  Stitch ribbons in place with a straight stitch.  I like to create a grid pattern with stitches.  This captures all ribbon bits.  *Tip- I like to use my walking foot for this step. It helps move all layers at the same rate of speed.

easy ribbon fabric by thesewingloft.com #diy #sewing #scraps

~Cut 2 pieces of felt 3″ x 2 1/2″.  On top layer, draw and cut out your design.  Place your top layer of felt over the ribbon fabric, pin in place.  The ribbon fabric will peek through your window cut out.

ribbon fabric into gift card holder #diy #sewing #gift

~Straight stitch in place. Trim away all excess ribbon fabric.  Sandwich your top and bottom layers of felt together with wrong sides kissing.  Straight stitch around the edge on 3 sides.  Back stitch at start and stop.

ribbon gift card holder by thesewingloft.com #diy #sewing #gift

And your voila- your done!  Pile of ribbon + scrap of fabric + stitching = fun fabric!

Thanks so much for letting me visit today!  It was such a pleasure to share my project with everyone. I hope to see you visiting me at The Sewing Loft for more fun sewing projects and ways to use your scrap fabric.

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  1. so adorable! although we’re in the minority, I’d love to see some hanukkah crafts. there isn’t much out there for us. and we do like cute stuff! thanks for all the ideas on your site. it’s got my creative juices flowing!

  2. I might have to give this a try. We just bought a bunch of felt to make Christmas ornaments, but this looks like it’s fun to make too.

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