With below freezing temperatures for the last two weeks we have been drinking a lot of this…

no, I mean a LOT!

The containers are nice and it seemed a bit of a waste to throw them away — so, to make something good out of our bad habit we re-purposed them.

With only spray adhesive and wrapping paper they become great gift containers.

Remove the label. These cans have a label that is only attached with one skinny line of glue dots where the paper overlaps in the back. If you like the simple look of the cardboard canister, a vertical label or decoration would be all you need to cover the glue.

To cover the can, cut a strip of wrapping paper the height of the container (between the metal top and bottom) and long enough to overlap about an inch when wrapped around the container. Spray  adhesive on the back of the paper and wrap around the container. If you don’t have spray adhesive, no worries— a glue stick would also work.

Now, I will make some cute heart labels, fill the containers with  peppermint popcorn or heart shaped sugar cookies and we have a perfect little Valentine’s Day gift!

Actually these would be great for any holiday or occasion!

Notes: I had wanted to use scrapbooking paper but it just wasn’t quite wide enough for these cans. This is a great project to use up those last strips of wrapping paper that aren’t quite wide enough to wrap a gift.

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  1. I made somethin similar, but I used oat containers. Once we made all the oatmeal, I covered them, laid them down on a shelf and I’m using them to store items in my craft space. (I did use scrapbook paper and had to piece a little bit, but since they’re laying on a shelf, you can’t see the bad part. Shhhh….)

  2. I had some containers kinda like yours that had peanuts in them. I covered them with construction paper and let my 2-year old decorate them. By switching the lid on the bottom, we had instant drums! She loves to play the drums and sing and dance!

  3. Glad to see we’re not the only family going through those huge containers like crazy!! Thanks for the good ideas!

  4. Very cute! I have considered this idea but never got around to actually doing it. I love seeing the final result

  5. I use thick pellon and fabric, hot glued on, with some embellishments for metal gallon cans that have had the lid removed with the new type of can opener. No sharp edges to worry about using it. The lids sit right back on them too. These make the best toilet paper containers as no water can get in them and they look nice on the back of the toilet. I use smaller cans in graduated sizes for cotton balls, Qtips, ladies essentials, etc. I give them as gift sets for the bathroom. The possiblities are endless for recycling/repurposing. With a little imigination we can keep many things out of the landfill. I made pencil containers etc. for my daughter who is a teacher in her schools’ colors with the paper covering the cans. Love reading your ideas for making life easier. Thanks

  6. This is so CUTE! I’ve made things like this into a bank before, but I really like this idea.

  7. My friend cleaned and covered a Pringle’s chip can to use as an easy travel case for her hair brush, bows, clips and accessories. Snap on the lid and throw into the overnight bag.

  8. That’s exactly what I did with my huge coffee tins at Christmas this year! Coulda really used some spray glue though…!

  9. I LOVE this idea!! This could work for baby formula cans, too! We’ve gone through our share of those and I’ve always thought that there had to be a good use for them once they were empty! Thanks for sharing!

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