When my son was in fourth grade he made these paper candy canes.  He must have found the activity totally addicting since he brought home a dozen.  I tied them to a long piece of yarn and hung them in my kitchen window.  Each year they make my kitchen look so festive!

All you need is white copy paper, ruler, pencil, marker and clear tape

Cut the paper into a square.  The size of your paper determines the size of your candy cane. We made our paper 8 1/2″ X 8 1/2″.  Using a ruler make a red line about 1/8″ thick down the edge of two adjacent sides of the square.

Turn the square face down and begin rolling from the corner without red lines

Keep rolling

Fasten corner with a clear piece of tape

Wrap about 3 inches of one end of the paper tube around a pencil


Adjust top and trim off any extra paper on the top and bottom

Cute and simple!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I’ve never seen this before and it’s utterly brilliant! Something both my kiddos will LOVE. And maybe a classroom activity for the Holiday party next week. Thanks so much!

  2. thanks for posting this! My girls and I are held up as hostages in our house after recovering from a bug — these were a nice little distraction! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the idea!!! I have just tried and I will make some for my friends as part of our silly present exchange, although there is nothing about them! They are clever and CUTE!

  4. Cute decoration, simple, and no-glue. That’s my idea of a good Christmas craft! I like your pen idea too, Amy.

  5. OK… I know I’m toeing the line on obsessive commenting with TWO in a row… but I just made one to “try it out”… and mine was wide enough that (on a whim) I stuck a bic pen in the open end. I secured with another small piece of clear tape around the end.

    Thought I’d share… definitely added a little holiday cheer to my work space, and made for a comfy pen grip 🙂

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