If you are still hoping to manage a few handmade gifts, this oven mitt can be whipped up quickly. Package with some of your favorite recipes for a the perfect handmade gift!

Oven Mitt Tutorial

Supplies for making your own oven mitt

cotton batting

1/4 yard cotton fabric

1/4 yard coordinating cotton fabric

Insul-Bright Insulated batting

Directions for making a quilted oven mitt

Cut 2 each 9″ X 15″ rectangles of the cotton fabrics, cotton batting, and Insul-brite

Sandwich cotton fabric (lining) right side facing down, Insul-Brite, cotton batting, cotton fabric (0utside) right side facing up.

Sew together in stitching pattern of your choice. I made diagonal lines about an inch apart.

Repeat for other set of rectangles.

Oven Mitt Pattern Download – top

Oven Mitt Pattern Download – bottom

Download oven mitt pattern top and bottom.   Print patterns and tape pieces together.

Stack the two quilted pieces on top of each other, right sides together.

Place pattern on top and draw around the pattern.  This is the stitching line.

Stitch. I reinforce the thumb area so I can trim and make a slit right up to the stitching line.

Cut. Clip curves where necessary.

Turn right side out.

Cut a contrasting piece of fabric 7″ X 15″ for the band. Iron piece in half lengthwise, then open and bring edges to the center and press again.

Line edge of binding up with bottom edge of the oven mitt, right sides together. Turn edge up and being sewing in the first ironed crease.

Stitch all the way around, folding end over when finished.

Fold binding down.

Fold in the other half of the binding. Stitch all the way around in the ditch between the two fabrics, making sure to catch the binding on the inside.

Stitch along the place where the binding overlaps with one straight stitch, or whip stitch it closed by hand.


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  1. I made one of these last year, but this one is a big improvement on the one I made,the colour combination looks good too,thank-you for showing me this style

  2. @Lori…If you haven’t found an answer yet…Try using a walking foot on your machine. A walking foot feeds the fabric from both the top AND the bottom, and, helps prevent layers of fabric from “slipping”…If you don’t have one, you can get one for most machines from Amazon or your local sewing shop…

  3. This is the 5th oven mitt pattern I have tried as I’m looking for one to use to make Christmas gifts for my grown sons and some other family members. This is the winner and my search is over! First, the size is great. The mitt is sized right for both women and men, it seems, and the length is perfect. I love the wide cuff and its so easy to attach. I just topstitched mine about 1/4″ from the edge and it caught the inside beautifully. Stitching before cutting out the shape is pure genius! So glad I found this!! Thanks!!

  4. I hope you are still willing to respond to comments on this post. I just made one of these mitts. It turned out pretty good except it was too small to fit on the arm of my machine so had to do the band by hand. I will adjust my sizing next time. But I have never quilted before this. Is there a secret to keeping the layers from shifting when you sew them together? I pinned, but still shifted some. Is there a special foot I should be using? Thanks for any answers you can provide!

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  6. Thank you so much! I just made my first pair of oven mitts. 🙂 I didn’t have enough fabric for the wide trim, so I had to modify, using 5″ x 15″ strips. They look just fine.

    I recommend cutting wider rectangles to begin with. I found that, after quilting, my “sandwiches” were just a bit too narrow (and distorted) for the pattern. I adjusted, but one downside was that the first one came out too narrow to fit on my sewing machine’s small arm. I put the binding on by hand. Next time I’ll add at least half an inch to the width.

    @Holly: That may be what happened to your mitt. I did the first set of stitching with a small backstitch, and then used a running stitch-in-the-ditch to finish it.

    Here’s a link to a pic of my first mitt:
    I quilted along the vertical lines in the fabric.

  7. I can’t figure out how to add the contrast binding strip! The mitt will not fit far enough on my machine to sew! What did I do wrong????

  8. Just curious before I start this fun project…when I click on the download button to print the template, the image automatically comes up at 130%. Do you intend it to be this big, is it my computer, or should I reset it to 100% before I print it? I don’t want the mitt to be too small…or too big!


  9. Interesting Article. Its finally good to find someone that understands this subject Great Work

  10. I like your idea for using a second fabric to finish it at the bottom instead of a bias tape edge. Thanks so much for the idea. I was looking for a good oven mitt pattern and you kindly provided it. Thank you so much.

  11. If you are having trouble sewing the layers together, make sure your needle is sharp (put into a new needle). You might also try a heavyweight needle like you would use for denim.

  12. I had the same problem as Amanda mentioned above. Any advice? I was hoping for an easy project but unfortunately hasn’t turned out that way.

  13. I am sad to say that this project didn’t go well for me. I couldn’t sew the two layers together. My machine would stop on me. I slowly got around it by turning the wheel by hand but then couldn’t add the cuff because it wouldn’t fit on my machine. This was a stressful project. It looked so easy. 🙁

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