If you are still hoping to manage a few handmade gifts, this oven mitt can be whipped up quickly. Package with some of your favorite recipes for a the perfect handmade gift!

Oven Mitt Tutorial

Supplies for making your own oven mitt

cotton batting

1/4 yard cotton fabric

1/4 yard coordinating cotton fabric

Insul-Bright Insulated batting

Directions for making a quilted oven mitt

Cut 2 each 9″ X 15″ rectangles of the cotton fabrics, cotton batting, and Insul-brite

Sandwich cotton fabric (lining) right side facing down, Insul-Brite, cotton batting, cotton fabric (0utside) right side facing up.

Sew together in stitching pattern of your choice. I made diagonal lines about an inch apart.

Repeat for other set of rectangles.

Oven Mitt Pattern Download – top

Oven Mitt Pattern Download – bottom

Download oven mitt pattern top and bottom.   Print patterns and tape pieces together.

Stack the two quilted pieces on top of each other, right sides together.

Place pattern on top and draw around the pattern.  This is the stitching line.

Stitch. I reinforce the thumb area so I can trim and make a slit right up to the stitching line.

Cut. Clip curves where necessary.

Turn right side out.

Cut a contrasting piece of fabric 7″ X 15″ for the band. Iron piece in half lengthwise, then open and bring edges to the center and press again.

Line edge of binding up with bottom edge of the oven mitt, right sides together. Turn edge up and being sewing in the first ironed crease.

Stitch all the way around, folding end over when finished.

Fold binding down.

Fold in the other half of the binding. Stitch all the way around in the ditch between the two fabrics, making sure to catch the binding on the inside.

Stitch along the place where the binding overlaps with one straight stitch, or whip stitch it closed by hand.


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  1. so is this only enough to make one glove, Correct? was thinking to make some gloves for christmas gifts, and trying to figure how much fabric i need for 20 people to have 2 gloves or one pair of gloves! thank you

  2. Just what I needed and was looking for. Oven mitt easy to make!!!

    Thank You! You have ease my sewing mind.

    Happy Holiday

  3. 04/08/2021 I can’t wait to make these awesome oven mitts for gifts, and myself !!!
    I would love to be able to print out the instructions for these oven mitts (without any ads). Is there a way to do that? Or if possible, could you email me the written directions? Thank you so much!
    Val in Florida

  4. Can’t wait to try this cute oven mitt!
    Is there a way to print the instructions without printing all of the ads?
    If instructions can be printed please email to me.
    Thank you!
    Brenda Evans

  5. Can’t wait to make this. I’m a beginner and I think I can do this and feel good about something I made myself. It’ll be a great Christmas Gift. Thank you so much for sharing and giving instructions that us newbies can understand!!! Hope you have a beautiful holiday!!

  6. I loved this oven mitt! Both my son, and my son-in-law do alot of grilling. I am always making their wives something, so when I saw this pattern, I immediately thought it would be a great Christmas gift for the them. Thank you so much !

  7. I looked at many patterns and have found this one to be the best. It fits my ha d the best. Not a lot of room and that what I like. Thank you

  8. WOW! Made this for Iron Bowl party from Alabama fabrics; looks so great decided to keep it for myself 👍 Added a loop at top to hang up for display. Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial. Looking forward to more

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