We have started our way on a magical secret adventure! We are learning about the power of kindness this holiday season! Bella has become a member of the Secret Society of Bubblers.  It seems that there are tiny “Microscopic” Elves born all over the world, and the only way they can fulfill their dream of making it to the North Pole is through the kindness of a child they select to be their “Bubbler.”

secret society of bubblers

She received a very special kit with everything she needs to help send a Microscopic Elf to Santa. The best part is that the only way this is possible is to be kind. Bella has taken the BubblerPledge and is committed to  find opportunities to be kind. When I see Bella’s  kindness her Elf (me) rewards her by placing small, wooden B KIND tokens in unexpected places.She is thrilled when she finds one and is each day more eager to be kind.

Secret Bubblers

She is definitely on the lookout for ways to be kind and for her secret Elf.

microscopic elf secret bubblers

From leaving sweet notes around the house to shoes getting magically picked up Bella is taking being kind seriously. She is collecting stickers and soon will be using her special bubble wand to send her Elf to Santa. On Christmas Eve, she will blow the bubbles enabling her Microscopic Elf to hop aboard and ascend to Santa’s Workshop.

being kind secret bubbler


The Secret Society of Bubblers knows that bullying has heartbreaking consequences, and has become increasingly prevalent in our society. They believe that teaching children about kindness helps them to become tolerant and compassionate – far less likely to bully or stand by while someone else is bullied. The Secret Society of Bubblers is committed to supporting organizations that specifically focus on anti-bullying initiatives. For every Christmas Adventure Set sold, $1 will be donated to an anti-bullying organization to further their programs.

Right now you can receive 30% off each adventure set  and your child can become a Secret Bubbler with the coupon code: kindmoms  

For more information about the Secret Society of Bubblers, visit their blogFacebook,Twitter or Pinterest.


To help you capture the “magic” of this holiday season we are giving away a Cannon Camera! Just wait for the rafflecopter to load.

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  1. This would be sooooo amazing to win a camera. I love taking pictures and found out early on that my daughter loves to take pictures as well. She has an eye for it. Check out her blog if you have a chance.


    Would I be a horrible mother if I gave her my Canon Rebel T1i and I kept the new one?!?!??!

  2. I would love to win one of these cameras. I love to capture special moments that last a lifetime! Pick me 🙂

  3. I remember one year taking my young son into the city of Philadelphia and handing out blankets to the ppl trying to get warm on the cities grates.. he never forgot that act of kindness..

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