New Years Eve Charades is a hilarious game for your New Year’s Eve party sure to produce uncontrollable giggles and tears of laughter. Just print this New Year’s Eve party game, pass out the slips of paper and let the correct guesses begin!

Need more free printable New Year’s Eve games? Look no further because we here at Skip to My Lou believe that a fun New Year begins with a fun game to play on New Year’s Eve! Try New Year’s Trivia and Let’s Mingle Game and these printable New Years’ Eve Games and add them to your printable game collection.

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Add this game to your Ice Breakers or Charades Game board so you can find it easily!

Why charades?

Charades is an active, engaging way to get people up and moving. You might be surprised at how hard it is to act out some of these New Year’s Eve words! However, just like life, the journey is the important part. So have fun with all of the near misses and unforgettable attempts. And most importantly, go to the restroom BEFORE starting the game. (If you know, you know.)

How to play new year charades

  • Print Charade Cards
  • Choose a Game leader who will run the game and assist, if necessary.
  • Game leader decides whether to split up into teams, like Pictionary, or whether to play as a big group.
  • Game leader reminds players that actions only may be used to act out each New Year’s Eve word.
  • Game leader is available to help actor read the Charade Card, give suggestions for acting out the word, and to see who answers correctly first.
  • Players shout out guesses as the actor mimes. Give actor 1 minute to keep the game moving quickly, or give unlimited time to guess. The choice is yours!
  • Player who guesses the correct answer gets the Charade Card to hold and the player with the most cards wins.
  • To make sure everyone has a turn to act, play proceeds clockwise around the room.

More games

Make a resolution to play more in the new year. I hope you and your family grow to treasure the time spent playing together, whether in a party setting or a family game night. Give these a try and let me know what you think!

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